US diplomatic confession: I helped plot coups in other countries | John Bolton “specialist” in overthrowing foreign governments

Former White House Security Adviser John Bolton This Tuesday he admitted that he “helped” plot coups in different countries. The North American diplomat – who once served as CEO of Donald Trump – was not shy about admitting The United States interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, adding that “it takes a lot of work” to overthrow a government and seize power in a country.

Bolton’s admission came on the heels of a leak of Trump’s contacts with far-right groups in the run-up to the Capitol attack. The former National Security Adviser was interviewed in CNN To give more details about what was revealed by the commission of inquiry into the invasion of the National Congress. Bolton said the attack on the Capitol was not “something properly planned” but was based on the former president’s improvisation to keep his job.

Contrary to what was also expressed by the former US ambassador to the United Nations, journalist Jake Tapper noted that “one does not have to be good at attempting a coup.” There Bolton identified himself as a specialist in overthrowing foreign governments.

“I don’t agree with that,” Bolton said, as seen in the video. “How Someone who helped plan a coupAnd the Not here, but elsewhere, a lot of work is needed. And that’s not what he did. I was moving from one idea to another.”

A few minutes later, Tapper returned to Bolton’s accidental admission of his involvement in international strikes. “When we were talking about what he’s capable of doing, what you need to do to plan a hit. You cited your experience planning for successes,” the journalist retracted. “I won’t go into details,” said the Republican diplomat, who later mentioned the attempted coup in Venezuela against Nicolás Maduro in 2019. At the time, Bolton was no longer part of the North American Executive, though he said so and saw “what was needed for the opposition to try to overthrow the president.” He compared the notion that Donald Trump is half the efficiency of the Venezuelan opposition as laughable.”

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The closing of the interview exposed Bolton’s impunity. “The CNN reporter replied, “I feel like there are other things you’re not telling me.”

“I’m sure there is,” Bolton laughed.

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