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A federal court in the United States has upheld the suspension of the authorization of Joe Biden’s government who – which It forces large companies to vaccinate employees against COVID-19.

Three-judge panel Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans He confirmed the order issued last week preventing the mandate from entering into force because it “too far exceeds” the powers of the government.

If maintained, the shutdown would represent a major setback to one of Biden’s most far-reaching and impactful efforts to ensure a widespread immunization of American workers before the winter in which the The re-emergence of COVID-19.

Biden had set a January 4 deadline companies to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated, something that would affect more than two-thirds of the country’s workforce.

but The court did not rule on the validity of the authorization, It would apply to companies with more than 100 workers, though it was deemed unlikely to overcome a constitutional challenge.

“State appeals have a high probability of success Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt on the merits, a fact that has great influence in favor of commentary.”

He estimated that if the suspension was not granted, there could be “irreparable harm” to employees and petitioners, including in five highly Republican states—Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Utah and Mississippi- As well as many private companies and religious groups.

Engelhardt added that the mandate imposes an “excess burden on liberty”. Those who are reluctant to vaccinate to choose between their work or the vaccine.

The Failure requires suspension to survive Valid until review of the permanent objection request.

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Mandatory vaccination mandates have a long history in america, But it was generally issued by cities or states.

In this case, the issue is the constitutionality of a president who issues such a broad mandate at the national level.

Vaccination is the best way out of this epidemic. Biden said about it.

and companies “They have more power than ever to accelerate” This exit “saves lives and protects our economic recovery,” he added.

So far, About 68% of the US population and 81% of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine Anticovid.

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