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The US House of Representatives approved Friday night this infrastructure plan 1.2 trillion dollars Of the dollars led by President Joe Biden, after a dramatic day In the Legislative Council of the struggle within the Democratic Party.

The plan approved in the Senate in August and implemented The most famous stuck in the House of Representatives, approved by 228 votes And 206 against it, so it now only requires Biden’s signature.

Although the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, six of them Members of Congress, the more progressive, opposed the text, making it necessary 13 Republicans supported.

The dispute between Democrats stems from a pulse between them Both sides of the party agree on their priorities.

Progressives demanded this infrastructure law be passed Put to the vote along with Biden’s social agenda, a package of $1.75 trillion after several cuts, which the president himself did He vowed, but the centrists refused.

This pulse has been going on for months, with constant pressures Democratic leadership, the White House, and Biden himself alike to agree to its agenda.

Some analysts pointed to this chaos as one of the reasons Democratic electoral disaster in last Tuesday’s elections, Where they lost Virginia.

All these pressures made the progressive wing He surrendered on Friday and agreed to approve the infrastructure plan Only with the commitment of the centrists who will support the social plan In the coming weeks.

Already in the early hours of Saturday, Democrats agreed without division A procedural vote to start the discussion on the social plan.

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In a statement, Biden himself called “all members” Democrats The House of Representatives should approve both initiatives “tonight.”

The 1.2 trillion plan was approved today, which includes little $550 billion in new spending is much less To the initial package that Biden presented last March for 2.25 billion of dollars.

The package includes more than $110,000 million for repairs Roads, bridges, highways and 66 billion dollars to promote Passenger and freight railways.

This latest investment represents the largest infusion of funds into the network Railways in the country in half a century.

The bill also allocates 55,000 million dollars to Address water supply problems, such as replacing All lead tubes, 65 billion is expected to Modernization of the electrical network.

It also allocates billions of dollars to rehabilitate trenches, Repairing ports and airports and expanding broadband access.

The legislative text also pays attention to combating Climate crisis and allocates 7.5 billion dollars to create The network of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, a company Biden’s priorities.

In this section you contribute $47,000 million to the answer for fires, droughts, coastal erosion and heat waves, Among other things.

In total, this is the largest investment in public works in the United States in years.

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