US confirms Ecuador’s main trading partner status with $1,209 million in imports in first four months | Economy | News

Shrimp, bananas, flowers, cocoa, and fresh fish are the main products the United States buys from Ecuador.

At the end of the first four months of the year, from January to April, the United States was unified as the number one destination for non-oil supplies from Ecuador.

According to numbers from Ecuadorean Federation of Exporters (Fedexpor), exports to the North American country grew by a 20% with shipments 1,209 million dollars led by shrimp and bananas at $335 million and $181 million, respectively.

Followed by flowers ($154 million), cocoa ($79 million) and fresh fish ($72 million).

Ecuador, with record non-oil exports in 2020 despite COVID-19

while the European Union (EU) It ranks second as a business destination with an increase in 3% in the same period. The other side of the coin ChinaAs non-oil shipments decreased by -30%.

However, taking into account all destinations, non-oil exports experienced an annual growth of 8% In the first quarter of 2021 $5.221 million It represents 66% of total exports.

Meanwhile, the confirmation of the United States as Ecuador’s main trading partner comes at a time when the country is stepping up its efforts in search of a trade agreement with that country. This week, a delegation traveled to Washington to begin the roadmap for the signing of the treaty.

Ecuador launched in Washington the official roadmap for signing a trade agreement with the United States.

The Ecuadorian businessmen, who will remain in the United States until Friday, 17 January, met with representatives of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR, for its English acronym); The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the American Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and other organizations affiliated with the US productive sector.

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“It is time to take advantage of the opportunity to enter into agreements with our major trading partners, where, despite the lack of preferential access, our products are positioned within international hangers, thanks to their quality and their deep commitment to comply with the new and more safety standards they require.” Felipe Ribadenera, President of Fedexpor And who leads, as CEO of Ecuadorean Business Commission (CEE), National delegation located in the United States. (I)

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