US cities that go out of their way towards TriMediotiotiempo

Since I started XXI century the Mexico national team He has played a large number of matches United StateMost of them bear a friendly mark because of the contract with the company Soccer United Marketing (sum), who has been responsible for its organization since 2002; Others have been managed directly by Football.

During this time, I have played more than 100 games Mexico In the United States, it stands out Five cities as a frequent residence of Mexican national team; explanation? It’s a box office success that’s guaranteed by the number of Nationals they focus on.

It’s no secret to anyone Tricolor is a business On demand for the citizens who reside there United State; according Pew Research Centeruntil 2021 there was 37 million 235 thousand people of Mexican descent Living in the neighboring country to the north. That’s why the Mexican national team It is an attraction every time it is offered.

What US cities does Tri have the most roots in?

American city in which it is concentrated More than Mexicans He is Angelsin state California. for him 3 million 485 thousand 390 people, It is estimated that 925 thousand 141 are of Mexican descent.

So Mexico has Los Angeles as its favorite placein its huge stadiums flower pot And Memorial runway In the aforementioned buildings register ticket offices run outregardless of the opponent and even less so if the team has a “European” presence or only players from Liga MX.

Los Angeles followed Illinoisin ChicagoThe stadium is the number one in terms of matches played with eight friendlies since 2002; HQ records said 2 million 783 thousand 726 peoplewho are they 348 thousand 040 of Mexican descent13.7% of the population.

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Its third city Mexico I usually play at home Dallas, Texas, where she has an agreement to visit her at least once a year; Signed with the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. Here, the number of people from Mexican origin who reside in the headquarters is 183 thousand 430 peopleout of a total of 1 million 6 thousand 831 citizens.

In fourth place is Houstonin the same case Texas. The number of Mexicans who reside there warrants a full of them in NRG Stadiumwhere is the to choose Feel comfortable number of citizens 357 thousand 508out of a total of 1 million 630 thousand 672 inhabitants.

They are fighting for fifth place Phoenix And San Diegowhich also tends to cover up the large entrances to Mexico national team The first will be up to the venue for the friendly match on Wednesday, April 19th, vs United Stateat State Farm Stadium.

the to choose Also played in other cities: Nashville, Charlotte, Denver, Santa Clara; They also go out of their way for the tricolor, but not with the same fizz as previously mentioned.

What is the best treatment of Mexico in the United States?

According to the gaming company SUM Mexico national team in United StateThe match with the largest capacity to date occurred in 2010 against new zealand, in it flower pot; Reports stated that the attendance was 90,526 fans.

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