US announces new humanitarian aid for Venezuela’s migration crisis

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The United States announced more than $336 million in new humanitarian assistance to respond to the migration crisis VenezuelanWhich President Ivan Duque celebrated during his visit to that country.

The announcement was made by the representative of the United States political mission to the United Nations, Jeffrey DiLaurentis, during the event on the humanitarian crisis for migrants and refugees, called “Columbia Commitment and Actions”, which took place in this American city.

“The United States is committed to assisting the people of Venezuela, especially those who have been forced to leave their country (and go) to their host communities and those who continue to suffer from a worsening crisis in Venezuela. Today, I am pleased to announce the provision of more than $336 million in new humanitarian, economic, and development assistance to respond to the Venezuelan immigration crisis.

For his part, President Ivan Duque during the event celebrated the US announcement, and stated that it represents an excellent opportunity to demand the international community to expedite the disbursement of commitments obtained with immigrants from the neighboring country.

The president added that “the Colombian model of caring for the immigrant population establishes itself as a global reference and secondly this gesture also that we receive it today with great joy, that the United States is allocating $300 million to the care of these immigrants. The Venezuelan immigrant population in the countries we have received.”

He specified that Colombia would be closely involved in this assistance and reiterated that the message was clear to speed up payments and support millions of people who, due to the Venezuelan crisis, had to look for a way to stay in other countries.

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He added that the immigration crisis for Venezuelan citizens is not something that happened suddenly, recalling that when he was a presidential candidate, he promised to implement a temporary protection law for Venezuelan immigrants, which they already enjoy with more than one law. general. One million citizens of that country are in Colombia.

“At the beginning of the year, we made the decision, which is that since February until now we have been able to register 1.3 million immigrants, of the 1.8 million who will receive TPA, and who already have a registry, which is also a biometric registry,” the head of state noted.

The Temporary Protection Act seeks to protect the immigrant population who are currently in irregular conditions, considering that they are the most vulnerable population, a measure that additionally discourages irregular immigration after the entry into force of the regulation.

This statute was born out of the government’s commitment to identify new mechanisms for immigration resilience.

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