Uruguayan justice is looking for the accomplices of the guardian of President Luis Lacalle Pou, the chief of police has already been suspended

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou with Reservation Chief Alejandro Estesiano (AFP)

The Uruguayan Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Héber, confirmed that an investigation had been opened and Police chief fired After learning it Not reported Forensic record of guardian From President Louis Lacalle Poeaccused this week of committing the crimes of promoting social status, forming criminal associations, and abuse of influence.

Urgently request a report after Alejandro Estesiano arrested Decide that in 2020 Director of Criminal Identification, Chief Commissioner Gonzalo Vázquez, “a day after” informing the presidency that the guard has no criminal record, “correlates the information in the file and corrects the situation” and does not notify his superiors, Heber said at a press conference.

The minister noted that Vasquez’s correction was a “routine procedure when it turns out that the files are not up-to-date” and that The mistake was not telling his superiors

“This is very dangerous for us,” asserting it The president “got false information.” Lacalle Beau said at a press conference on Monday that the then head of personal security had no criminal record.

Alexander Estesian
Alexander Estesian

On Friday, the president was asked if he thought the information had been kept from him. If you answered yes, I would speak with a clear intent to deceive. Yes, they did not give me the correct information,” Lacalle Poe said.

“I could be wrong, but I will not lie to you. When you said there was no record of the two times I received the documents, you said the truth.”

for this part, Prosecutor Gabriella Fossati is advancing the investigation, expert phones and 39 outboard motors Arrested in raids carried out on gang members. According to the newspaper observerKeep track of Officials who were colluding with the groupThe Ministry of Education and Culture launched an internal investigation to determine that civil registry employees signed forged birth certificates.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior is conducting similar investigations in the National Directorate of Civil Identity and in the Scientific Police, where criminal records could have been dismantled.

Estesiano is under investigation for his alleged participation in an organization that falsified documents to prepare passports.

He was arrested at the presidential residence on Sunday 25 September when he returned from a trip abroad with Lacalle Po, then On Tuesday, he was charged with 30 days of pretrial detention As part of an investigation about A network of Uruguayan and Russian citizens dedicated to document falsification.

Prosecutor Gabriella Fossati requested formalization of “the commission of an alleged ongoing offense relating to civil status as a co-author (…), association with the commission of crimes and abuse of power”.

The investigation began two years ago, when an unusual number of applications for Uruguayan citizenship by Russian citizens with birth certificates certifying Uruguayan parents came to attention, enabling them to obtain passports from the South American country.

The case includes three other defendants, one Uruguayan and two Russians.

Astesiano accumulated since 2002 More than 25 inquiries about theft, fraud, embezzlement and damagesAll “police notes” in which no crime has been proven. However, after his arrest it became known that He was imprisoned for four months in 2013 for fraud. In 2002 he was tried without prison for the same crime.

The president said he met Estesiano during an election campaign in 1999, and that he later worked on campaigns for his father, former President Luis Alberto Lacalle, and his own team in 2004, 2009 and 2014. A tenure since 2019.

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(with information from the EFE and AFP)

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