Uruguay has ended the health emergency it declared in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Nurses from the Intensive Treatment Center (CTI) area at Casmu Private Hospital attending to covid-19 patients (EFE)

Uruguay finished on Monday Emergency healthy that have been announced March 13, 2020When the first four cases of coronavirus were discovered in the country.

This came through a post on his Twitter account by the President of Uruguay, Louis Lacalle Bo He made it clear that “in the next few days” he would sign the corresponding decree.

At the same time as the said information was transmitted, the President was with the Minister of Public Health, Daniel SalinasA meeting was held in the Executive Tower of Montevideo, in which the Deputy Minister participated. Jose Luis Satjian.

After that meeting, the head of the portfolio confirmed to the press that the situation the country is going through is in addition to the high rate of vaccination and immunization resulting from the wave of infection caused by the Omicron variable, led to this decision.

“It’s time to make this qualitative, but absolutely necessary, change towards normalization”Said Salinas, who indicated that 100% capacity will be enabled at closed shows, although the use of face masks will be recommended in certain places.

On the other hand, he emphasized that Uruguay It will continue to require those who have not been vaccinated to take a test before entering the country.

Finally, the minister said that they will stop broadcasting in the next few days the daily reports As COVID-19 cases are reported, it will be weekly.

Issued on March 13, 2020, Decree 93/020 declared a “national health emergency” as a result of the pandemic.

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Force text file comment For all public offers until determined by the executive authority and the preventive and temporary closure of public and private thermal tourism centers.

Three days later, a new decree was issued It added other measures and prohibited the disembarkation of passengers and crew members from cruise ships and merchant ships from “high risk areas.”in addition to preventing people from entering the country from Argentina through land, sea, river or air borders.

In addition, the file comment International flights From Europe and all employers were urged to implement and promote, in all possible cases, that workers carry out their tasks at home, among other things.

Uruguay pile up 889513 Total cases, of which 5233 Are the people with -40 disease in intensive care (ICU) – and 7,166 deaths diagnosed with covid-19.

according to vaccinationAccording to data from the Ministry of Public Health, as of 4:23 pm (7:23 pm GMT) this Monday, 2,848,829 people (80.41% of the population) had completed their immunization schedule with two doses from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, Anglo. The Swedish company AstraZeneca and the American company Pfizer.

In addition, 136,050 people were vaccinated with only the first dose, while 2,252,210 received a booster dose.

(With information from EFE)

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