Uruguay conflict: Montevideo rejects mega-man-made island project and can be moved

Montevideo: government Louis Lacalle Bo try that The $2.3 billion investment announced by a group of Uruguayan investors after the rejection of the mayor of Montevideo has not been diluted. to me Real estate development in the form of an island in front of Punta Gorda.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Juan Jose Olizola, told Channel 5 that despite this They will seek to “revise” the Metropolitan Municipality’s position“can be analyzed Other options at the national territory level, for example, in Cologne“.

Presentation of the artificial island project approved by the government of Lacalle PoMVD360

consult on If he could be in Canelones because of his proximity The area currently under the Amblesta Front, Yamandi Orsi, stated: “We have to talk to the investors, but we hope Montevideo will review this situation, we want to talk to them. Otherwise, other options will have to be analyzed due to We think it is beneficial for the country that an initiative of this kind flourish for all that it entails“.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport said they would request a meeting with capital authorities To find out “the reasons why the Montevideo administration did not approve the project, Why not consider it possible?. He seeks to enable the mayor to “change this situation”.

Olizola confirmed that the project being promoted by Jirkel SA is “modernwhich – which There is nothing in Uruguay and that could mean a new option for investors and people who want to settle in that region.Olizola’s remarks add to what he pointed out emphatically Transport Minister Jose Luis ValeroAfter the mayor of the Uruguayan capital did not see that the initiative was viable: Uruguay cannot afford to reject a development project so quickly.”

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Valero called the project “It should be analyzed, perhaps in more depth.”.

“I aspire to open the door to dialogue. We can’t drastically stop working‘ the minister insisted.

The project “MVD 360” was considered to be of “great management interest”.refers to a decision of the Ministry of Transport (MTOP), which Signed by President Louis Lacalle Poe.

vice Alfonso Liret The (NDP) asked Valero this Thursday to “consider the possibility” that the MVD 360 project, which initially sought to install island-shaped towers and marinas in front of Punta Gorda, could be on the coasts of the circuit. from cannylon.

The request comes with a letter from the white representative, which El País was able to reach, a few days after the mayor of Montevideo indicated that he did not see an initiative of such dimensions in the capital as “viable”, which provided for an investment of 2.3 billion euros. 10 years, which would involve creating 4,500 jobs.

Montevideo’s planning director, Luis Origeni, stated on Monday that this investment “has been concentrated in this place in the form of an island, and is born, facing, and It affects the processes that have to do with the life of central Montevideo, in particular the center and the old city, on which the administration is betting very much.”

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