Uruguay: a national series in favor of “yes” to repeal 135 articles from LUC | Campaign advocates called for a vote this Sunday “so that the country does not back down.”

Supporters of “yes” were in a referendum to cancel 135 articles Urgent Considerations Act (LUC) Make a national chain By radio and television where they are called to vote on Sunday ‘So Uruguay doesn’t back down’. Hundreds of “yes” protesters raised a banner in Montevideo, on Wednesday President Louis Lacalle Poe will be the face of “No” at a press conference, a decision that sparked some resentment not only because of the president’s presence, but also because the previous day’s network could respond in a significantly longer timeframe. In the referendum, 135 articles of the ruling party’s huge law that He has a strong punitive bias, attacks the right to strike, favors the expansion of forestry business and perpetuates other neoliberal reforms.

the actor Cesar Troncoso He was the national series champion for the Yes campaign. “I am not a ruler, I am simply a Uruguayan As a Uruguayan, I feel the pain and anxiety of the people. We all want the best for ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to find the way, but for me one thing is key: The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and do everything possible so as not to cause pain or misery‘, he confirmed.

Troncoso made it clear that he supports this cause.” Preventing Uruguay, even with good intentions, from reversing several stepsgo back to what we have built in several decades and between us all.” During the five-minute video, various citizens of Uruguay voiced their stance in favor of repealing the LUC articles and asked: “Let the wheel turn and the country advance, let the majority of citizens put the pink ballot paper”regarding the color of the ballot for “Yes”.

The surveys published so far show a certain parity in the yes and no numbers. On July 8, 2020, Congress approved the LUC, the centerpiece of the Lacalle Pou administration, a text that imposed major changes in areas as diverse as security, health, education, energy, and labor rights.

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Among other issuesLUC defines the right to strike, and declares illegal sit-ins in public or private places that “affect the free movement of people, goods or services”defines the “criminal appearance” figure and increases the cash transaction limit up to one hundred thousand dollars, which enables money laundering and allows for tax evasion.

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