UNSa will have a medical career of its own from 2022

July 8, 2021 – 22:31
The main studies house will award the title of doctor after the opinion of CONEAU. This way, the course will not depend on the University of Tucuman.

The medical profession will depend exclusively on the National University of Salta from next year, and will not be under the supervision of the National University of Tucuman.

The landmark announcement was made Thursday by UNSa President Victor Claros at a virtual meeting attended by the province’s deputy governor, Antonio Marocco, and other academic authorities.

“Starting from 2022, our young people will be able to study medicine in this province and from the university we will fully accompany them on this path,” said the head of the main study house.

“One of the goals of the current administration was to confront an ambitious project aimed at obtaining a medical degree from the United Nations University. We did a few tries, and it was really, really hard. But today, based on the opinion of CONEAU (National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation), I am in a position to say that we have made it,” Claros commented.

For his part, First Lieutenant Antonio Marocco praised a university committed to the province. “We have young people who are uprooted in the absence of opportunity, and who end up studying abroad, to become outstanding professionals. Well, that is starting to change with this important announcement regarding educational public policies.
Morocco said: The Salta government celebrates and accompanies this achievement.

UNSa Vice-Chancellor, Dra Graciela Morales, considered that “today is a day of pride for the entire university community” and highlighted “the effort made by the College of Health Sciences in obtaining medical accreditation in Salta”.

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Morales also thanked the National University of Tucuman School of Medicine.

The announcement came after CONEAU issued an opinion “recommending the official and provisional recognition of the medical degree to be awarded by the National University of Salta”.

This announcement – which was broadcast almost from the YouTube platform – was celebrated by all sectors of society.

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