UNSa-Salta Insider Scholarships for Medical Students is now official

It was published on Monday in the Official Gazette of the province. Expenses are budgeted. I know the requirements to access it.

This Monday, through the Official Gazette of the Province of Salta, the establishment of a special scholarship system, which is aimed at students from Salta residing at home who study medicine at the National University of Salta, has been confirmed.

In addition, the requirements that students must meet in order to gain access to a scholarship are detailed:

  • Be a citizen or naturalized Argentine.

  • You have four years of immediate residence in the province of Salta.

  • Get an address within 50 kilometers of the UNSa headquarters where the race is taking place.

  • Evidence that the beneficiary and his or her family group are not in a position to bear the expenses involved in the race.

  • Finally, comply with the academic requirements set by the application body.

For its part, the implementing authority must fix the amount of scholarships annually, which may not be less than 40% of the vital and mobile minimum wage. For example, today this amount is in $61,953Therefore, the grant may not be less than $24,780. In addition, it can be increased as students progress in their careers.

Also, their performance must be periodically evaluated by the enforcement authority, which will automatically renew the benefit each year, unless they fail to comply with any condition.

Finally, it is reported that the expenses required under this law will be charged to the corresponding items of the general budget of the province.

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