“UNSa Department of Health and College of Health rolls back for teachers and medical students”

Jul 29 2022-12:35
The race director, Alejandra Valle, said they “didn’t get the message”. He excluded the establishment of the College of Medicine from the discussion of the Assembly, which will be held next October.

The teaching community of the medical profession at the National University of Salta is ’embarrassed and distressed’. Those were the words of the race director, Alejandra Valle, that I spoke to Tribune Regarding the decision of the Supreme Council to exclude the establishment of the College of Medicine from the discussion of the upcoming University Assembly.

“Students, teachers and administrators in the medical profession feel that the College of Health Sciences and the United Nations University itself have turned their backs on us. That is the feeling. Our message has clearly not been understood and this is a shame. Because we have suggested that the establishment of the College of Medicine is for the benefit of the United Nations administration and the entire county; Understand that,” Vallow said.

for call Historic University AssociationNext October, the Supreme Council included an agenda to deal with the request to establish regional colleges, but not to process the request to establish a medical college.

“They didn’t even give us the opportunity to address and discuss it, which is very sad. Because there is also an intermediate example of creating a school. But they cut off all sorts of treatment. This is not an understanding that institutions are outside our own names, that we have to have a vision above personal interests and that we have to think about the future and the interest of Everyone. That’s why I want to thank University President Daniel Hoyos because despite coming from another political front he made the discussion available. We appreciate this political gesture because it is a democratic gesture.”

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