University students teaching children’s sciences

via experiments Like students and teachers in Autonomous University of Coahuila School of Biological Sciences, Unit Torreon (UAdeC)seeks to attract children’s interest in science, which is the branch that is regarded as a Charm For the little ones who were surprised to see a model of an erupting volcano.

his face surprise and amazement Knowing something new accompanied by a logical explanation makes them Want to know moreThat is why the college community does not hesitate to open its doors to show a little of what is being learned daily in class.

Juan Antonio Zúñiga Adam, biologist and secretary of the Faculty of Biological Sciences He explained that the program was designed with the support of Directed by Fernando Hernandez Terran On the instructions of Rector of the University, Jesus Salvador Hernandez VelezThe aim is to give back a little to society in exchange for the trust placed in the institution.

“The university is working to be socially responsibleThis means that all colleges, students, teachers and staff have this sense of belonging to the community, and we as a public entity need Valuation of taxpayer resources Because that’s the source of growth for universities that include teacher training programs, so they share what we know. We put our grain of sand down, and they wondered what they could do for the kids, because we need to change so many situations, that’s how this program was designed.”

Remember that the goal is Bringing children closer to the fields of science from the Faculty of Biological SciencesThe programs and topics of the institution are taken into account and which help in the educational and teaching contribution and show the community what is in the college.

Juan Antonio Zuniga Adam, biologist and secretary of the Faculty of Biological Sciences. (Claudia Loivano)

There are young people from environmental education developed Models of the biogeochemical cycles Since biology, geology, and chemistry are involved, “we can marvel at the names of the elements and do small eruptions of a volcano, how the balloon is filled faster with carbon dioxide through the eruption process and others.”

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It highlights They prepare magic questsAt some point for them. In the salt shaker, we put powder, we take it to the flame and it sparks so much, they are amazed to see how this can happen, as two substances are quickly mixed under two, smoke is generated. Just like seeing through a stereoscopic resolution allows Insects focused on entomology can see in detail, bee or ant parts, villi, wings. His sudden face is something we value and value very much.”

Zúñiga Adame, a teacher for 28 years in college, says he Find kids to fall in love with these kinds of areas“Perhaps many who come in will not study biochemical engineering but can go on to other fields such as veterinary medicine, biology, biotechnology, and that is what is important, that the boy discovers a point he does not have in his own context.”

The boys are participating Organic chemistry, environmental education, wolves to the rescue More and more are expected to be added, as young people also contribute new knowledge and experiences to their comprehensive training.

Programs and materials that assist in this learning and teaching contribution are taken into account.  (Compliment)
Programs and materials that assist in this learning and teaching contribution are taken into account. (Compliment)

The program is designed for those schools that do not have a laboratory, or that have but do not have the equipment to carry out these activities, or in other cases that do not have trained personnel to carry them out.

Initially, he started with two associations namely Pi Pao Little Angels of the Children of Ejido La PazAn agreement is being sought with them to carry out this activity three times a year. The assembly is also attending Magical talent to pass the eaglewhich are secondary and primary students with activities in the afternoon for entertainment, they will be given science activities.

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“We are running it as two beta entities, but we are expected to start in August Primary and secondary schools in the vicinity of Ciudad UniversitariaThere is no transportation for students. We will also talk with the university extension to find out about financial support, since it is an expense like burning magnesium tape, it is one of the supplies we need, plus we will be close to Director of State Social Development, Manolo Jimenez Let’s see how you can support us to grow this.

Finally, Juan Antonio confirms that he is dreaming of him Biological sciences that have free access to all people Who would like to come visit them and learn about the magical environment of lab education, “I hope more colleges will be added, like architecture, because they have incredible models, or the college of mechanics and electricity, where they have a robot that will be something very special.”

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