United States: The withdrawal of two ships from the Black Sea after the deployment of the Russian Navy

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The United States this week canceled the deployment of two warships in the Black Sea across the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, in complete tension between the two countries. Ukraine and RussiaTurkish officials and media reported Wednesday.

Turkish diplomatic sources said that the transit of the first ship did not take place on Wednesday as scheduled. According to the official Anatolia News Agency, which quoted Turkish officials, the two deployments were canceled, and Ankara was not informed of any possible delay.

Turkish authorities announced last week that the United States had informed them that two warships would cross the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles on April 14 and 15 towards the Black Sea.

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Montreal ConventionDating back to 1936, it guarantees freedom of navigation in the Turkish strait, but countries that do not have a coastline on the Black Sea must declare 15 days before the passage of their ships that they cannot stay in those waters for more than 21 days.

The announcement of this deployment came in the context of tensions between Russia and Ukraine The decision to send the warships was hailed as evidence of support from Washington (A) Kiev.

The cancellation of this maneuver, announced by the Turks, comes one day after a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The White House said that Biden, during the call, asked the Russian president to “reduce tensions” in Ukraine and suggested holding a meeting in a third country “in the coming months.” The accumulation of Russian forces in recent days near the Ukrainian border and in the Crimea peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014, has caused concern in Western countries.

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These troop deployments come against the backdrop of new events between Kiev forces and the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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