United States: The movie | Netflix releases new trailer and poster for its animated movie about the American Revolution

Hamilton – He showed us 100% that the American Revolution could be told through a musical and that it didn’t need a cast that reflected the race of men and women who lived during that time. This work is a sign that any work can be diverse and does not change the message, but rather intensify and update it. Netflix wanted to take this to a new level with their animated movie around the same period. Here they show us that this story can be told without completely following the logic of our reality and show the independence of the thirteen colonies in the superhero key to everything and George Washington, which is similar to the fusion of this character with Wolverine and Brooke Samson from The Venture Bros.

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The film begins on the 30th of this month and is the debut of director Matt Thompson, who is best known for being the executive producer of irreverent animated series such as Sealab 2021 and Archer – 100%. Executive producers include Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Both of them have already shown their ability to make us laugh using historical characters in the cult animated series high reproducibility. The trailer can be seen here:

In addition to this progress, a poster has also been released in which we can see all the characters and anachronisms that will set the playful tone of this homeland? headband:

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There is no denying that it is ingenious to approach this historical period by parodying superhero movies and trying to be as historically incorrect as possible. One element that may have been set to ridicule those who hate transgender or transgender characters is the inclusion of one of the most controversial figures in American history on the panel of the Founding Fathers: Thomas Edison. This time it is an Asian woman aptly played by actress Olivia Munn of Vietnamese descent.

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The film’s official synopsis aims to make it clear that it has the intent of telling an archaic and outdated story:

For thousands of years, the origins of the USA have remained shrouded in mystery, lost in the sands of time. Who built this “state that revolves around you” and why? Only dinosaurs know… until now. For the first time in history, the astonishing and entirely true story of America’s origins is revealed in America: the film. A once-in-a-lifetime cultural event is available the only way the Founding Fathers wanted the story to be told.

In addition to this official synopsis, we also have a description that gives us a more accurate idea of ​​what the plot of this extravagant animated movie is about and which will surely give a lot to talk about when it’s released later this month.

In this wild and ironic revisionist tale, chainsaw-wielding George Washington forms a team of shakers, including beer-loving brother Sam Adam, famed scientist Thomas Edison, famed jockey Paul Revere, and the very angry Geronimo, to defeat Benedict Arnold W. King James in the American Revolution. who will win? Nobody knows, but you can be sure of one thing: These are not the founding fathers of… your parents.

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