United States: The European Union and the United States have reached an agreement to readjust European agricultural quotas after Brexit

Brussels, 8 (Europe Press)

On Monday, the European Union and the United States announced an agreement to readjust agricultural quotas for the Community Club within the framework of the World Trade Organization, something which the two parties have obligated to close after the official departure of the United Kingdom. Club community on January 1 this year.

These quotas refer to a certain amount of agri-food products that can be imported into the European Union bloc from the United States with tariffs lower than those generally applied, or even zero.

As a result of London’s withdrawal from the bloc, the European Union had to reach an agreement with Washington to update these quotas and reflect the corresponding size of its 27 partners and the part that corresponds to the United Kingdom.

The European Commission stated in a statement that the agreement with the US authorities ends “two years of negotiations” within the framework of the World Trade Organization “to divide the European Union’s shares.” The agreement “reflects the latest trade flows” and covers “tens of shares and billions of euros” in the exchange of products such as beef or chicken, rice, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and wine.

In fact, the European Union is engaging in similar negotiations to renew its agricultural quotas for 21 other trading partners, and it has already concluded talks with Argentina, Australia, Norway, Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia, among others.

Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojczovsky signed the agreement with the “most important partner” of the European Union and affirmed that it “maintains the original size but divides it between the European Union and the United Kingdom”. Agricultural trade and our markets. “

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Vojchovsky also stressed that the agreement “sends a good signal” about the commitment of the parties to work bilaterally and within the framework of the World Trade Organization. This announcement comes exactly three days after Brussels and Washington temporarily suspended tariffs imposed by each of them on the other in the context of the struggle to support Airbus and Boeing, which also affected agricultural products.

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