United States of America. Biden describes the economic recovery of the United States as a “historic progress”

MADRID, July 3 (Europe TV) –

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has classified as a “historic process” the country’s economic recovery rate after the crisis caused by COVID-19, having added 850,000 new jobs in June.

“This is historic progress. Getting our economy out of its worst crisis in 100 years. Driven in part by the amazing progress we’ve made in vaccinating our nation and defeating the pandemic,” Biden said Friday from the White House.

The US economy has added far more jobs than economists might expect, according to CNN, so the employment numbers are a sign that job growth in the country is accelerating as the United States recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

By sectors, it was entertainment that added the most jobs, with 343,000 new jobs, more than half of them in restaurants and bars.

Accordingly, the US President reiterated his intention to approve a plan of about one trillion dollars (more than 824 million euros), as well as a new measure on Social Security.

“We have the opportunity to take advantage of this economic boost from the first months of my administration, not just to rebuild, but to rebuild better (…) We are on the right track, our plan is working and we are not going to give up now,” he emphasized. USA President.

Thus, Biden tied the country’s economic recovery to his rescue plan and a large package of emergency aid against COVID-19 that was awarded $1.9 trillion (about 1.6 trillion euros), which included individual checks for $1,400 (€1,175). ), higher unemployment benefits and money to increase the distribution of vaccines and to reopen schools.

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“At the time, people wondered whether or not we should do it,” recalls the president, who has reiterated his commitment to making the US recovery “bottom up and center out.”

“More jobs, better wages. That’s a good mix” to settle the issue of ensuring the country’s economy is “moving,” Biden added.

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