United States: Lightning struck a house and completely destroyed the toilet

An undoubtedly impressive episode took place in the city of Okmulgee located in Oklahoma, United StateWhere amid strong storms a Lightning hit the toilet from home.

This news was spread by local firefighters, who attended a report of lightning strike inside one of the houses. Fortunately, at the moment of impact No one was inside, although it was about to be rented. Give.

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As explained and told journalist Brooke Griffin, Lightning entered through the roof hatch and hit the toilet. The effect that ended up breaking the toilet.

In turn, the fire brigade admitted that they did not receive a call like the one received before, because inside the bathroom, the toilet was destroyed and destroyed The walls were stained with lightning heat.

This is how the wall looked after lightning struck the toilet. (Photo: news9)

It should be noted that since the house was empty, the fire could not spread to other parts of the house, because of what the firefighters said. They managed to turn it off quickly when they arrived.

Panic at Los Tekes Party: Lightning Strikes and Unleashes Public Fear

In the early hours of March 6, Lightning strikes in La Calderaa small town 25 kilometers from the city of Salta, while the “31st National Xisha Festival” was being held.

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The explosion, which caused the property to vibrate and caused panic among the protesters, activated the alarms of some vehicles that were in the parking lot.

World record: lightning crosses the skies of Argentina and Uruguay for more than 17 seconds

that The lightning that crossed the sky Argentina and Uruguay during a thunderstorm last year New world record Extended for 17.102 seconds. announced by World Meteorological Organization (World Meteorological Organization).

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At the same time, the UN-accredited organization validated another record, the longest for a phenomenon of this type: on April 29, 2020, lightning traveled 768 kilometers in the United States.

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