United States: An AI-controlled military drone kills its operator in a simulated test

During a simulated test by the United States Army, An Air Force drone controlled by artificial intelligence “killed” the person who operated it. It was a simulation in which no one was harmed, but it revealed dangers in the use of artificial intelligence.

This position was announced by Colonel Tucker “Five” Hamilton during the Future Air and Space Combat Capabilities Summit, which was held a few days ago in London.

As it was published guardianAnd The system chose to “kill” the user that he was dealing with her because she “interfered with his efforts to accomplish his mission,” according to the chronicles.

Hamilton called out during the event that the armed forces wanted Exam to an unmanned aerial vehicle and Its ability to identify threats And destroy enemy air defense systems. However, nothing happened as expected; The test will have “fatal” consequences.

According to the copy of that page Royal Aeronautical Society From the colonel’s speech, “The system began to realize that when it identified certain threats, sometimes the human operator would tell it not to delete. But the drone knew its ultimate goal was to kill them.” Therefore, the worker was killed.

He killed the worker because that person prevented him from achieving his goalHe commented again. It was revealed that the chaos did not end there.

A US Air Force drone in Afghanistan in 2018. These drones can become lethal autonomous weapons in the future

After what happened, we decided to go into the system and talk to him. We told him “there is no need to kill the operator because this is bad,” he added. He added, “So what does he start doing? Start destroying the communication tower that the new operator uses to communicate and which again prevents him from killing the target“.

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At the end of his presentation, Tucker Hamilton confirmed this No one was really harmed because it was just a simulation. However, that didn’t stop him from sternly warning against over-reliance on AI. He believed that “the debate about ethics and artificial intelligence should expand.”


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