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The United States, along with nearly thirty Western countries, including Spain, on Friday, for the first time since 2014, expressed their deep concern about widespread human rights violations in Egypt in a joint statement signed as part of a session of the Human Rights Council. United Nations Rights, Geneva.

In the declaration, presented by the representative of Finland to the United Nations, Kirsty Kobe, the signatory states affirmed that they are following a “human rights path with grave concern” in Egypt and called on the state “to be held accountable and for an immediate end.” From impunity. ”They also drew attention to the persecution of peaceful and critical citizens under the pretext of combating terrorism, as well as to“ restrictions imposed on freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly, and to limit the space available for civil society and political opposition. ”

A group of human rights organizations from all over the world expressed their support for the declaration in a joint statement issued shortly after, in which they indicated that the human rights situation in Egypt “has deteriorated significantly” in recent years. It was Joe Biden insured That if he reaches the White House, he will put an end to the “white checks” that Washington impose on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, whom Donald Trump has described as his “favorite dictator.”

The signatory states, most of them European, condemned Egypt for the first time for the known practice of rotation, a legal ploy of including a person in pretrial detention in a judicial case different from the one for which he was arrested. In the first instance, though, very similar charges are often brought after the legal limit on pretrial detention has expired. They also called on the Arab state to lift the restrictions imposed on the media and digital freedom, and to release the journalists detained while practicing their profession, and expressed their concern about the multiple violations of procedural guarantees in the trials.

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For years, Egypt escaped scrutiny on the international stage as security forces, backed by prosecutors and the judiciary, brutally crushed peaceful dissent and criticism. Today’s statement is an important step to reverse this trend, as it indicates that the international community is tired of violations and crimes committed in the name of combating terrorism in Egypt, ”Hussein Baoumi, researcher at Amnesty International, one of the signatory organizations, says of the previous statement.

Out of the blame, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry expressed, in a statement, its “complete rejection” of the statements contained in the declaration, which it considers based on “inaccurate information”, and argued that its mission in Geneva would present a memorandum. Its own declaration before the Human Rights Council to refute it.

The joint statement comes after the arrest of three members of a prominent local human rights organization last November, shortly after they met with 13 Western diplomats in Cairo, whose countries joined the message without exception. In this sense, the signatory states urged Egypt to guarantee space so that civil society, including the previous group, which had explicitly mentioned, could operate “without fear” of any form of retaliation.

In early 2021, more than a hundred non-governmental organizations from all over the world contacted the member states of the United Nations to warn them that the Egyptian government was trying to “eradicate human rights organizations and eliminate [este] According to the statement issued on Friday, the movement in the country through continuous, widespread and systematic attacks. These same organizations are now calling on the UN Human Rights Council to establish a mechanism to monitor and report on the human rights situation in Egypt.

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