United Kingdom: Prison sentences of up to three years for environmentalists for obstructing traffic | They protested against the exploitation of fuel

Two environmental experts from the British organization Just stop the oilwho climbed a bridge over the Thames, in United kingdomcausing long traffic delays, was sentenced on Friday to up to three years in prison, an exceptionally harsh sentence for this kind of action.

On the 17th of October Morgan Truland40 years old, and Marcus Decker34, used climbing equipment to climb the summit Queen Elizabeth II BridgeSouth East London. activists They called on the British government to put an end to the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the country.

The bridge was closed from four in the morning until nine in the evening., causing huge traffic jams and making it necessary to divert traffic through nearby tunnels. Essex Police said that among those affected was a “pregnant woman who required urgent medical attention”.

Marcus Dekker was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison (Photo: Just Stop Oil).

The bridge uses about 160,000 vehicles daily and connects to one of the busiest highways in Europe.

Three years for a year and two years and seven months for another

Judge Shane Colery Southend Court Truland was sentenced to three years in prison and Decker to two years and seven months.

“They should be punished for the chaos they have created, and others discouraged from imitating them.”the judge said, referring to the activists detained since October 20.

The moment environmentalists claim (Photo: Essex Police).

For its part, Just Stop Oil denounced the UK’s “most serious condemnation of peaceful climate action”.

Since the environmental organization began its protests in April 2022, its actions have led to more than 2,000 arrests and 138 people imprisoned.

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