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TEAM OF EXPERTS Kew Gardens A well-known botanical garden in West London revealed on Monday (04.07.2022) that it had discovered a new species of giant water lily, the first to be recorded since the mid-19th century.

The samples were in 177 years Kew Gardens and 34 years in National Herbarium from Bolivia before the team realized it was a new species. At first, scholars thought it was amazon victoryone of two species of giant water lilies named after Queen Victoria.

However, after an investigation with a team that traveled from Bolivia, specialists from the British garden determined that it was in fact a third species. The years of research that led to this discovery were recorded in an article in the journal Frontiers in plant scienceswhich was published on Monday.

In addition to being the newest type of giant water lily, bolivia victory, whose leaves can reach three meters in length, is also the largest in the world. The seeds of this third species of giant water lily have been donated by the Botanical Gardens of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Based on corner place in Bolivia.

Botanical illustrator Lucy Smith, who was involved in the investigations, reported that she had grown, but without mentioning her, in a pond in Q In the past four years. “We have kept this wonderful secret in plain sight all this time,” he told the agency. France Press agency.

Carlos Magdalena, a researcher specializing in the conservation of endangered plant species, described the plant as “one of the wonders of the botanical world”. The researcher explained that about 2,000 species of plants are discovered every year, but “the very unusual thing is that a plant of this size with this kind of fame was discovered in 2022.” “It shows us how little we know about the natural world,” he said.

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bolivia victory It was named in honor of the Bolivian experts on the team and the ecosystem to which it belongs. Giant water lilies have a flower that turns from white to pink at night. garden Q It is the only one in the world where visitors can enjoy species of this type win overThe AmazonThe Cruziana And now Bolivian.

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