Unimagdalena will hold the first national symposium on science, technology and innovation in sports health

In its commitment to generating spaces that produce the appropriation and transmission of knowledge, Magdalena University is finalizing details for the first National Symposium on Science, Technology and Innovation in Mathematical Health and Biological Studies.

The event, to be held at 8 a.m. this Wednesday, May 31 at UNIMAGDALENA’s Playa Grande Auditorium, is led by the Center for Research in High Performance Sport and Biomedical Studies attached to the Department of Research at the Graduate House. .

“We will have high-quality people associated with sports science, from all fields, so that we can have a comprehensive and general understanding of all the phenomena that surround national sports and make changes for the well-being of our athletes,” he said. Master Psychologist Lionel Polo Alvarado, Director of the Research Center in High Performance Sport and Biomedical Studies – CIARDEB Unimagdalena.

The day dedicated to Health and Science in Physical Exercise will see experts in the field such as Nefer Castro, who specializes in sports medicine and musculoskeletal ultrasound, give a conference on Technology in Sport: Infrared Thermography as a Primary Tool for Follow-up Athletes’ Injuries.

Other guests include Miguel Ángel Cardona, Master of Sports Nutrition, who will discuss nutritional supplements in physical activities and sports. Dr. Manuel Oliva, an expert in clinical nutrition and obesity, will also be present to discuss healthy lifestyle habits as a disease prevention strategy.

The symposium, which will be held in a hybrid manner, will discuss a fundamental topic such as mental health in sport, by David Quiñones, Master of Sport Psychology and Coordinator of the Psychosocial Department of the Ministry of Sports. Likewise, the presence of Percy Moncada, the physical trainer for the Colombian soccer teams in the secondary categories, who will talk about the role of the physical trainer in the soccer sport project, stands out.

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The conference series also includes a lecture “Between Intention and Action in Sports Education: Teaching Methods for Sports Coaches in Colombia,” directed by psychologist Lionel Polo Alvarado, Director of the Center for High Performance Sports Research, and Biomedical Studies at Unimagdalena.

Discussion: “Saying the Present, Creating the Future: The Knowledge Revolution as a Driver for the Colombian Sports Project”

Through a conversation, you will conclude this first national symposium, in which you will seek to set a precedentOn the great importance of knowledge in all areas surrounding sport in Colombia.

This place where Dr. Pablo Vera Salazar, President of the Institute, will be attended by the following guests: Dr. Mauricio Serrato Rua, Director of the Postgraduate Course in Sports Medicine at the National University of Bogota; Dr.. María Clara Rodríguez-Salazar, director of the Graduate Program in Sport and Exercise Psychology at El Bosque University in Bogota; Dr. Ricardo Leonardo Perea, Doctoral Director of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and Technologies at Universidad Manuela Beltrán, Bogota, and Dr. Carlos Perez, General Director of the “Fútbol con Corazón” Foundation in Barranquilla.

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