Unifor accuses CTM of interfering in General Motors Cilao’s union elections

Mexico City /

The president of Canada’s largest private sector union Unifor, Jerry Dias, asserted that if Mexican workers sought free elections to choose their union representative in any car factory, votes or Intervention of the Mexican Workers’ Union (CTM).

In a video press conference, a representative of the Canadian Federation emphasized that every time CTM was responsible for votes, they would always do what was necessary to win, including intimidating, putting votes in the polls, and breaking votes, a situation he said happened in a factory General Motors (GM) in Silao, Guanajuato.

“The only way for Mexican workers to have a real chance to elect the union that best represents them according to their belief is to remove the votes from the CTM, because We can’t have a system that we know CTM will cheat on‘, he confirmed.

In that sense, he asserted, the only reason workers in Canada and the United States earn $60 and Mexicans earn $2 an hour is because CTM has teamed up with corrupt unions and companies to ensure wages are kept low.

“So we cannot expect that CTM, having been part of the system that allowed exploitation, to be the group that will take us to the promised land is absurd.. I don’t think CTM should be responsible for any of the votesHe explained that the evidence is before us and we have seen it, so there will be more and more complaints as more cases of intimidation emerge.”

he said It is only a matter of time before there is another complaint against Mexico It was reported by the United States, as he commented that the key to CTM’s success was “cheating”, which indicated that the Mexican government would have to step up and play the leading role.

“The first steps (for the government) with force to be taken, is to recognize that the CTM is not a union; the CTM was a corporate-controlled arm of the government that led to the exploitation of workers, the first thing the government has to do is to ensure that workers’ rights are respected, and not respected if the CTM is responsible for the vote.”

He added that the first thing the Mexican government should do is show its commitment to what was signed as a result of the T-MEC agreement, and show its commitment to implementing the reforms that have been made, “so you have to lead.”

“The corrupt system in Mexico, which controlled government systems in the past, they worked hand in hand with CTM, it is something that has always been known all over the world, and there have always been many conversations about the exploitation of workers in Mexico from a long time ago.”


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