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Talks, open labs, and science breaks make up the university’s agenda for National Science and Technology Week. It will be held from October 17-24, at various points on campus and in schools.

across the country, and From October 17 to 24, the National Science and Technology Week will be celebrated. UNCUYO will be a party with its own agenda that will seek to bring to light the knowledge created by its scientific community.

These dissemination initiatives will be developed at various points on campus and in university schools. Within the planned activities, three proposals stand out that will result from the synergy of the various agents of the University.

On Wednesday, 19 advanced students and research fellows will visit university schools to offer a “science holiday.” It is a class workshop that seeks to strengthen the scientific vocations in the field of solid sciences in students of past years. With the help of those responsible for the laboratory of each school, experiments with classroom items will be conducted. It is a special activity for these students.

While, On Thursday 20 will be held “Science dominates the media” Which consists of nested programming and content related to the research carried out by the university. To access, you only need Tune in to Radio U or play Señal U on channel 30 of TDA or enter the Unidiversidad news portal.

finally, On Friday 21, three women scientists will be the protagonists of a conversation in which they will attempt to debunk myths and mark the local scientific agenda based on their work. In “UNCUYO’s Magnifying Glass in the Hands of Her Scholars” Beatrice Bragoni, Fabiana Graselli and Nadia Panaud will tell what they are looking for and what they have undergone personal experiences to reach their current position in the scientific life. The meeting – moderated by Victoria Bocanegra – will be from 11, in the CICUNC central drum. Those who wish to participate can register here.

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Who are the speakers?

Beatriz Bragoni completed her undergraduate studies at UNCUYO and received her PhD in History from UBA (1998). She is a Regular Professor in the Chair in the History of Argentine Institutions at the School of Law (UNCUYO), a Principal Research Fellow at CONICET and Director of CONICET’s Institute for Human, Social and Environmental Sciences (CCT Mendoza). Academic No. at the National Academy of History specializing in the political and social history of Argentina and Latin America in the nineteenth century. He leads the project to digitize nineteenth century records for the Legislature of Mendoza. Fabiana Graselli has a degree and is a Professor of Middle and Higher Education in Arts, and a Doctor of Social Sciences from UBA. He is a professor at the College of Social and Political Sciences (UNCUYO). Specializing in Gender Studies and Sociology of Literature and CONICET researcher. Nadia Banud is a medical graduate and a professor at UNCUYO College of Medical Sciences. She is recognized for her scientific research in the field of Onco Immunology and Glycobiology at the Institute of Histology and Embryology of Mendoza (IHEM). She is also a Professor at the Institute of Physiology and a Physician in Biological Sciences, with orientation in cellular and molecular biology. She also registers several publications in scientific journals of significant international influence, and is also a lead researcher on a study identifying mechanisms of resistance to antitumor therapy in melanoma.

About the National Science and Technology Week

It is an annual initiative located throughout the country, which proposes the meeting of the scientific community with the community, through various activities to spread science, technology, innovation and scientific arts. There the scholars and researchers give a part of their work and discoveries, opening the doors of their study spaces and their daily work.

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