Uncensored “cattle tourism”: The government has no data on Argentines who traveled to Miami and could be vaccinated again in the country

Nearly 17,000 Argentines traveled to the United States in the past month.

The public debate over vaccine tourism, which was re-released this week based on the case of former president Mauricio Macri and some public figures, reproduced half the truth to the point of nausea: “Those who got vaccinated in Miami are vaccinating the rest of the Argentines“. Indeed, everyone who decides to vaccinate abroad will be able to do it again at home. Official sources confirmed Infobae There are no records of the mass of Argentines who traveled to Miami due to a lack of vaccinations. The only data available is quantity: in case The United States has nearly 17,000 people in the last 30 days. Thus, the government is advancing the vaccination plan without taking this phenomenon into account. “It has no epidemic effect. ” Repeat in official offices. Conclusion: everyone will be summoned when it is their turn.

The vaccination phenomenon was boosted in Miami during the month of April Based on availability of vaccines in the United States and final approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it is most requested as a single dose. Tourists can currently get vaccinated even on beaches, Although local authorities impose certain restrictions.

Grafting on the beach in Miami Beach

The demand led to a spike in the value of tickets. Ten days ago, this method revealed that a direct flight, on Argentine Airlines, cost nearly $ 500,000, Although average values ​​are around $ 250,000. Demand rose again this week from Hot Sale offers. Reality, Starting in June, the national carrier will increase the frequency from six to nine weekly flights (before the epidemic there were fourteen flights). Up to 272 passengers can travel on each plane, providing a maximum monthly capacity of 9,792 people. Seven weekly American Airlines flights with a capacity of 305 passengers must be added per plane (maximum 8,540 passengers per month).

Ironically, it was the government’s best week in terms of vaccine announcements. On Tuesday, Minister of Health Carla Vizotti Announced under the Federal Health Council (COFESA) that before the end of the month nearly 4 million doses of AstraZeneca and the 861,600 doses that come through the COVAX mechanism will arrive.. Alberto Fernandez could not promote this news, which ended up spreading with a conservative statement.

Vizzotti announced the arrival of AstraZeneca vaccines this week.
Vizzotti announced the arrival of AstraZeneca vaccines this week.

Despite official announcements, more and more Argentines are traveling to Miami with the goal of being vaccinated. According to the immigration data Infobae had access to, between April 13 and May 13, a total of 16,695 Argentines traveled to the United States. The number includes foreigners with Argentine documents. Miami is the top destination, but Argentines also choose New York, Dallas and Houston.

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Since February 1, the total number has reached nearly 50,000 Argentines, although it is not known how many have actually been vaccinated.

To a lesser extent, there is also “vaccine tourism” in Uruguay and Chile, and in some European countries, where restrictions are greater when it comes to implementing vaccines. None of those vaccinated appears in the official records. The written declaration they must fill out before landing at Ezeiza does not include questions about vaccination. It will be essential to know when and how they were vaccinated. Argentina is part of the general chaos, and there are no border health agreements. “

Claudio Santa Maria, President of the Institute of Health Sciences Foundation, also adheres to the need for a public record of those who have been vaccinated abroad, especially given this. There are still no specific data on the effects of combination vaccines. “All studies are ongoing, and it is not known how long the immunity to each vaccine will last,” he said.

David Richardson, Miami Beach Commissioner on Beach Grafting

To Argentines returning from abroad They are only asked if they have been in close contact with positive Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days, If they have compatible symptoms, if they are in a series of countries (the United Kingdom or another country in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, or Brazil), and if they have CRP. The health section of the affidavit is only five items.

Also, documentation is not required regarding vaccination abroad. In the case of the businessman detained in Ezeiza, that was an exception: PSA and Migrations had access to those records because he did not pass the temperature test and showed a forged certificate.

A businessman was arrested in Ezeiza for traveling with Covid.
A businessman was arrested in Ezeiza for traveling with Covid.

The phenomenon of vaccinating Argentines abroad has become a constant public debate. Ex-President Mauricio Macri took him into the political arena. “Let’s remember that Argentina would have had millions of vaccines at its disposal that it could not negotiate,” he said from Miami in a wide statement..

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journalist Jorge Lanata He also wanted to address the debate after making sure he was vaccinated. “We are a little tired of the issue of judging a person who is vaccinated abroad, where is the problem? Which part is wrong? I am not asking Banco Nación for a loan, or the government … I come, get vaccinated and above that I leave free vaccine in ArgentinaHe set out on his radio show Miter.

Forum Mauricio Macri:
Mauricio Macri Forum: “Defending Democracy in the Americas” (Enrique Tobio)

On the other side of the rift Jorge Real traveled to Miami on Friday to receive the vaccination and re-discussion in the media. Angel de Brito, Marcelo Pollino, Martin Redrado, Pamela David, and Nacho Viale have already made it onto the celebrity roster, to name a few. There’s an obsession with Miami that I think comes from anger. Nobody looks at those who have been vaccinated in Chile, Uruguay, Spain or Italy“. I’m not saying more than “I launched a vaccine” but my vaccine was not there when I traveled.And the Fabian Doman says before consulting Infobae. Driver USA He was one of the first to repudiate his decision, at the end of March.

Although many celebrities have decided to disclose it publicly, the Argentine health system has no data on those who have been vaccinated abroad. Therefore, all those who traveled in these months will be called up in each county, as long as they are registered. Reality, Infobae can know that There are Argentinians who applied the first dose of Sputnik V or Sinopharm and then traveled because of the delay in the second dose.. There are also Argentinians who were vaccinated abroad and then repeated the experiment in our country. how many? What are the health consequences of combining? These are some of the questions that have yet to be answered.

The state may not deprive any person from vaccination unless he is vaccinated abroad, He raised a health official in Buenos Aires before an inquiry from this broker. The same source emphasized that the phenomenon of “cattle tourism” has never been addressed in the Federal Health Council (COFESA), in which all the region’s ministers participate. “The Miami phenomenon has no effect from an epidemiological point of view.They repeated this in official offices during the week, in response to inquiries about this method.

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In Europe, where the phenomenon of “cattle tourism” is practically nonexistent, the idea of ​​a health passport has sparked a widespread debate about inequality between countries when it comes to immunization and the protection of private data. However, France has already approved a “green passport”, which contains vaccination data for every citizen, as well as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody tests. The debate now focused on whether this app, known as “Tous AntiCovid”, could be used to access concerts, festivals, or other types of events.

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