UNAL has created a company that will contribute to science and technology in the country

Professor Diego Alejandro Torres, Coordinator of the UNAL Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship (ITEM) Program, explained that “The institution is the result of an alliance between the University and Fodun, in order to foster an ecosystem of innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship.”

Although this particular organization will be at the service of the university community, supporting the research of professors and their research groups associated with the institution, actors from the national system of science and technology who have a potential desired technological development may attend. Faster transfer in the process.

Rotorr will use mechanisms known all over the world, such as investment in knowledge-based entrepreneurship projects, high-level guidance for ITEM projects, and the strategic relationship between spin off And startup companiesorganizing and participating in events for these purposes, and other initiatives.

Professor Camilo Yunes Villosa, Vice President for Research at UNAL, noted, “Although these types of vehicles are found all over the world, they are not yet present in Colombia, so what we bring to the university and the science and technology ecosystem of the country is valuable to support The Scientific Community in Operations.”

For his part, Professor Giro Orlando Villabona, from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and General Manager of Fodon, emphasized that “this mechanism will allow all those developments and investigations that have been carried out and that we have stored on our desks to come true.”

“We hope that the faculty will share all those projects that are going to be done, and that we can also bring in people to make it possible because today we are wasting so many ideas, science and technology that we have, but not exploited.”

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accomplished years ago

The formation of the Rotorr Corporation – Impulsor of Innovation is the embodiment of ideas that arose about 10 years ago, when representatives of the UNAL science and technology ecosystem raised the need for initiatives like this, which would allow for more rapid interest. Demand for context in research and knowledge transfer.

In light of this, Vice Chancellor Yunus affirmed that “a year and a half ago, the purpose of formulating the form of this legal figure, which has already become a reality, was raised.”

“The university will continue to work in academia as it has always done, and the main focus of the institution is to give priority and flexibility to issues related to research,” he stressed.

Once the creation act is signed, it is expected that in the future there will be the participation of institutional partners and followers, who contribute to the proposed work with this initiative.

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