Ultra Deluxe with other access options

The authors’ goal was for as many players as possible to enjoy their game.

Stanley proverb It managed to become a cult game thanks to the premise that, unlike in other video games, the user has a lot of decision-making power. This is why society has received with pleasure the new Stanley Proverb: Ultra Deluxesomething that is explained by Great start in the ecosystem of steam. But how does this version improve?

Accessibility options include things like subtitles, signage, and narrator voiceThe development team has made it clear on multiple occasions that they don’t want to spoil the surprise, so players will be discovering new features over the next few days. What we know is how much Entry Options It includes the game, which has been compiled into a Twitter thread showing settings that affect subtitle size, colors, (iconic) audio for the narrator, and more.

One of the aspects that has attracted the most attention is the possibility of revitalization.”Trigger warnings‘, which is known on the Internet as an indicator that warns us of possible explicit content for some users. Without going into specific spoilers, it must be remembered that the game explores themes related to Psychological health (depending on the decisions we make as a user), so the development team now lets us know when we get close to these scenes and skip them if we want to. This is amazing Does not affect achievement gainswhich will be opened whatever we choose.

As we already said, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe brings other improvements pretend to be surprised, so we can now prepare for special discoveries like the game itself. Right now, we’ve been able to spot one of these unexpected changes, although it’s totally dedicated to making it happen It will take 10 years to open.

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