Ukraine fears the imminent fall of Mariupol before the major Russian attack on Donbass | The port city was already occupied according to the pro-Russian separatists

On Monday, Ukrainian forces said they feared the imminent fall of Mariupola strategic city in the southeast of the country that has been besieged by the Russian army for more than 40 days, and whose port will already be occupied according to the pro-Russian separatists. Ukrainian authorities say as many as 10,000 people may have died after more than 40 days of Russian siege and bombardment of this city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, and that many bodies are still lying in the streets. Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister said, Sergey LavrovHe stressed that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine aims to Ending the “reckless expansion and reckless path of total domination by the United States and the rest of the West”.

“The Russian forces will launch a larger offensive in the east of our country. They can use more missiles and aerial bombs against us, but we are preparing for these actions and we will respondThe Ukrainian president said Volodymyr Zelensky. “We see a concentration of troops and equipment in the east and south of our country. We know what they want to do and we understand that the speed of aid, especially from the United States, will determine whether we can resist or not,” he added. The president said in an interview on CNN.

Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Dennis Bushlinconfirmed Zelensky’s words about an upcoming escalation on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. “As for the port of Mariupol, it is now under our control.”Pushlin told Russian public television. Mariupol has been besieged by Russia for weeks, and the capture of it will make it possible to strengthen its territorial conquests in the coastal strip along the Sea of ​​Azov, thereby connecting the two provinces that make up the Donbass (Lugansk and Donetsk) with the Crimea. annexed by Moscow in 2014.

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Analysts predict that Putin wants to achieve victory in Donbass before the May 9 military parade on Red Square, on the occasion of the Soviet victory over the Nazis. Sergei Gaidai, the governor of Lugansk, warned on Facebook that “the battle for Donbass will last several days,” and again called on civilians to leave the area. According to Gidai, “the scenario of Mariupol can be repeated in Lugansk.”

While Kharkov regionIt is one of the areas most affected in the east of the country by the hostilities of the Russian military campaign, It could have been bombed 66 times in the past 24 hours In the attacks that caused at least 11 dead and 14 wounded. This was announced by the head of the Regional Military Administration Oleg Senegubov, adding that the attacks included shelling by Russian artillery, mortars and multiple launch missile systems.

In Russia, the Ministry of Defense said that it destroyed several anti-aircraft defense systems in the eastern and southern provinces of Ukraine. Neighboring or close to Donbass which, according to the Ukrainian government, is essential to resisting the Russian military operation. In one attack, Moscow said it hit four S-300 missile launchers near the city of Dnipro supplied by Ukraine, an unnamed European country.

Lavrov against the US “total hegemony”.

Russian Foreign Minister, on Monday, Sergey Lavrov, confirmed it town The military operation in Ukraine will not be stopped in the next rounds of peace talks. “Our own military operation aims to put an end to the reckless expansion and reckless path of total domination by the United States and under it by the rest of the Western nations. A flagrant violation of international lawIn an interview with Russia 24, Lavrov said that according to the rules they are only now repeating and developing on an ad hoc basis.

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Russian Foreign Minister also He condemned the statements of the head of European diplomacy, Josep BorrellThere is no alternative to a military solution to the conflict in Ukraine. “This is either a personal backlog, a slip, or the publication of something that no one has ordered him to reveal. But it is a statement he has not heard of, of course,” Lavrov said.

On the diplomatic level Zelensky called on Western countries to “follow the example of the United Kingdom.”whose Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to Ukraine on Saturday, and He demanded that they impose a “total ban on Russian hydrocarbons.”. European Union foreign ministers, meeting in Luxembourg, on Monday considered a sixth package of sanctions against Moscow, which, however, would not affect oil and gas purchases.

in the meantime, The continued exit of Western companies from Russia. On Monday, France’s Societé Générale joined the list of companies that announced the suspension of their activities in the country since the invasion of Ukraine. A few hours later, Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson announced that it would suspend its activities in Russia, where it supplies two major mobile operators.

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