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According to the latest military intelligence data released daily on Twitter by that group, “Low-level fighting is likely to continue in some parts of the recently retaken areas, but will drop significantly this week, while the rest of the Russian forces withdraw.”

“Ukrainian forces have retaken key areas of northern Ukraine, after denying Russia the ability to secure its targets, and forcing Russian forces to withdraw from the areas around Chernigov and northern Kyiv,” the ministry’s latest assessment said.

The report adds that “several Russian units withdrawing from northern Ukraine will likely require significant re-equipment and rehabilitation before they are redeployed to operations in eastern Ukraine.”

Russian bombing continues in the east

However, in the past 24 hours, the Russian army launched a total of 54 attacks on the city of Kharkov and its region in eastern Ukraine, which resulted in at least six deaths and eight injuries of varying degrees, which were condemned on Tuesday (04.05). .2022) Ukrainian Army.

“During the last day, the occupiers launched 54 attacks with various types of long-range weapons: artillery, mortars, tank guns, MLRS-type rocket launchers,” the head of the Kharkov Regional Military Administration Ole Senhobov denounced in your Telegram account.

In addition, several bombings were recorded from Monday to Tuesday evening in Kramatorsk, a city in eastern Ukraine that remains under Kyiv’s control despite threatening a major attack by Russian forces.

According to an AFP journalist, the bullets, possibly long-range missiles or rockets, destroyed a school in the center of the town, next to a building where the police headquarters is located. At dawn, a smoke pit over 10 meters in diameter was seen in the schoolyard, and it was practically in ruins. Residents of the neighborhood confirmed that there were no casualties because the school was empty and there is no official balance at the present time.

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Since Russia withdrew its forces from Kyiv and the north-central region of the country and declared that it was “concentrating its efforts on the liberation of Donbass” in eastern Ukraine, this region has been suffering from a major Russian offensive.

The Ukrainian government fears that the situation in the region will worsen. The Ukrainian armed forces have been deployed since 2014 on the front line on the borders of Donetsk and Lugansk, the capitals of these two pro-Russian breakaway republics of the same name, reaching Izyum, in the northwest, recently occupied by Ukraine.

Kramatorsk, the de facto regional capital since October 2014 of this region, which is still under the control of Kyiv in the east of the country, is located in the center of this region and will be practically besieged. Thousands of people have fled the city these days for fear of being completely trapped. According to Ukraine Railways, 3,100 people were evacuated on Monday, but trains were disrupted on Tuesday due to the bombing.

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