UK to burn billions of protective equipment bought in pandemic for being faulty

UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee It submitted its report last weekend and concluded that The Department of Health lost 75% of the £12 billion spent on protective equipment during the first year of the pandemic. The reason: inflated prices and products that don’t serve what they should serve: labor protection.

the work Meg HellerThe commission, which is responsible for this committee, classified these events as “the most shameful event in the British government’s response to the epidemic”.

government minister, Robin Walker Friday admitted that “mistakes were made” early in the pandemic. But he said it was an “absolutely unprecedented situation” in which countries around the world were rushing to obtain equipment during a health crisis.

The government has announced plans to incinerate billions of defective protective equipment. He even suggested using them for “energy production”, an option that was not well received by the Parliamentary Oversight Committee.

Specifically, the report revealed that the Johnson executive plans to dispose of 15,000 pallets per month of protective gear, recycling and incineration to produce electricity. But for now, given the scandal that has occurred, they have qualified by saying that the costs and environmental impact of getting rid of these billions of defective products are “unclear” at the moment.

Pat Cullen, CEO of royal college of nursing, A professional body for nurses has accused the government of “raised billions of pounds”.

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