UK Supreme Court rejects appeal against extradition of Assange to US

Bloomberg Julian Assange He has been denied the right to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to the US, where he will face criminal espionage charges.

The country’s Supreme Court rejected Assange’s request to appeal his extradition. to the United States because demand”Do not raise a moot point in the law‘, in a written statement on Monday.

the decision It is the last slap for Assange after the rulers of London rule that head WikiLeaks Can be delivered in DecemberAnd the Champions Lower court decision.

“We are so sorry The opportunity is not taken to consider the worrying circumstances Where the requesting states can provide guarantees with qualifications after the conclusion of the full evidence-related hearing,” Assange’s lawyers said, berenberg piersit’s a statement.

the case He will now be returned to a lower court who originally handled the delivery request from the United States and The judge will decide whether to refer the British Home Secretary Priti Patel.

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This article was translated by Miriam Salazar

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