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A study published by a group of scientists from Liverpool (United Kingdom) has revealed a disturbing result after identifying some cats’ behaviors as ‘mentally disturbed’. The report was published in the Journal of Research in Personality.

as detailed The research was conducted with the participation of 2042 cat owners and concluded that “It is possible that all cats have an element of psychopathy.”

Rebecca Evans, the study’s principal investigator, noted in her report that “In its day it was beneficial to our pet ancestors in terms of access to resources, such as food, land, and mating opportunities.”

Researchers have relied on five main aspects of cat behavior: evil to think of him for their lack of empathy; The Daring, which is related to social dominance and lower levels of fear; The “purification‘, which indicates self-control problems; the hatred Towards other pets and towards humans who are not their owners.

According to the media, the surveyed pet owners had to answer this 46-question test.

To assess the mental state of the macarons, humans had to answer for some traits of their pets. Some pointed out that their cats were torturing their prey rather than killing it; Others indicated that their cats behaved in an exaggerated and uncoordinated manner.

“My cat is talking loudly (eg, meowing, howling) for no apparent reason”I noticed another group of people inside the evaluation.

The results provide insight into the structure of psychopathy tripartite In the Gatos“, The study notes that psychopathy is a disorder consisting of three main features: Boldness, purification and pettiness.

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The University of Liverpool Worked alongside John Moores University The CAT-Tri+ instrument was used to assess the cats’ mental stability.

“A cat that scores high on the Fear scale can use big cat trees and tall scratching poles, with CAT-Tri+ items indicating that the brave cat enjoys exploring and climbing.Evans noted.

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