UK snow warning as UK forecasts are expected to be colder than Sweden next week


Britons have been asked to prepare for a snow shower next week as forecasters expect the UK to be much colder than Sweden.

The Met Office has issued a warning to people to stay warm due to forecasts of temperatures dropping to -5°C.

A “Russian chill” will bring the coldest start to May in 25 years, with the south anticipating widespread frost in the coming days.

Meanwhile, northern England is expected to be hit by winter rain and snow as the weather “reverses” after the scorching Easter heat.

The cold coming from the northeast will see temperatures of 11-16°C, but for most people, the highs will be between 9 and 14°C.

A snowfall warning has been issued for parts of the UK (Photo: Getty Images) Read more related articles Read more related articles

However, London will come out on top and can expect a few days of 17C, according to The Sun.

The nights are expected to leave Brits shivering in parts of the south where temperatures are expected to reach -2°C, with the north closing in behind at -5°C.

The bleak forecast is that Britain will be cooler than 3°C nights in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to the Met Office, a night of minus 1.8 degrees Celsius at Heathrow will be the coldest May temperature in the complex since 1997.

Despite this, the weather is likely to remain dry with a mixture of cloudy and sunny periods.

Brits have been told the cold weather should last about seven days into the May Bank weekend.

The UK is expected to be affected by lower temperatures next week (Image: Getty Images) Read more related articles

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John Hammond, former weather forecaster for the BBC and Met Office, said: “The mercury will reverse, and cooler until the end of April.

“New waves of air from the Arctic mean a good chance, even in southern Britain, of temperatures falling near or below freezing.

“A winter rain or two later in the week is not ruled out, most likely over higher ground in the north.”

One meteorologist with the Met Office added: “Northeast winds will bring cooler air with cool nights and the possibility of widespread frost.

“Temperatures are a little below or near normal in early May, with mostly dry conditions this week, but rain is likely in the north.”

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