UK lightning forecast: 30°C air will cause major incident of ‘storms, floods and small cyclones’ | weather

BBC Weather: Temperatures will drop as the low pressure front moves

Low pressure from the Atlantic aims to destroy the southern high pressure ridge that is currently sending temperatures as high as 30°C into many parts of the UK today. The major collapse of the two pressure systems could lead to major storms to batter the nation as the week progresses. Jim Dale, a forecast expert for the British Weather Services, noted that the change in pressure could cause extreme weather conditions, including “sudden floods, hail, storms and even small tornadoes”.

He told “There will be thunderstorms starting on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

“From Thursday, scattered thunderstorms are likely to spread across England and Wales.

“Low pressure from the south will push the high ridge of warm air away by the end of the week, potentially causing flash floods, hail, storms and even small tornadoes if you’re not lucky.

“So people should be prepared if they plan to walk in the park wearing a T-shirt.

UK lightning forecast: Low pressure could end the scorching heat wave (Image: WXCHARTS/Getty)

“This is not our normal latitude for this time of year, as we don’t usually see that kind of heat in September.

“This is definitely unusual.”

Netweather also noted when low pressure could sweep across the UK and hit storms this week.

Then they published a map showing swirls of blue, green and red, representing thunderstorms, sweeping across western parts of the UK tomorrow.

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UK lightning forecast – maps show cooler air coming from the Atlantic (Image: NETWEATHER)

The forecaster posted on Twitter: ‘Already at 27/28C by noon today.

“Wednesday/Thursday = risk of thunderstorms and heavy rain as low pressure from the Atlantic disrupts UK heat.

Not for everyone, even within the warning zone.

“Wednesday night looks interesting over northern France and the Channel Islands.”

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UK lightning forecast: Stormy conditions may come from the West

UK lightning forecast: Stormy weather conditions may come from the west (Image: Weather Views)

Netweather forecasting expert Ian Simpson also predicted a warm start to the week leading up to thunderstorms.

He said: ‘On Thursday, a batch of rain will move north, spreading across most of England and Wales on Wednesday night/Thursday night, then slowing into northern England and southern Scotland on Thursday.

“There could be some thunderstorms drenching in rain, especially in the south. After that, brighter weather will develop with scattered downpours over the rest of England and Wales, and this will also extend to Northern Ireland.

Northern Scotland is expected to remain dry for most of the day. In the brighter weather, most of England will be warm, but less so in recent days, with temperatures between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius, but elsewhere high temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius will be typical.

UK lightning forecast: Change in conditions may occur from Wednesday

UK lightning forecast – a change in conditions could occur from Wednesday (Image: NETWEATHER)

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Looking ahead, it looks like Friday and Saturday will be mostly cloudy with less rain and thunderstorms with high pressure slowly rebuilding from the west.

Temperatures will generally be slightly above average at this time of year, peaking at 22-24°C in the central and eastern parts of England.

“The longer-term outlook sees a re-establishment of high pressure in northern Britain, which promises plenty of hot, dry and sunny weather for northwest Britain, but more clouds likely in the south and east.”

The BBC’s long-term forecast for Wednesday 8 September to Sunday 12 September added that cold air could make its way to the UK as Cyclone Larry begins to make its appearance over the weekend.

UK lightning forecast: Low pressure could continue into the weekend

UK lightning forecast: Low pressure could continue into the end of the week (Image: NETWEATHER)

The forecast reads: “A wetter weekend awaits much of the UK over time, with some thunderstorms and heavy rain to close out the working week.”

“Temperatures will moderate quickly from a sweltering week, dropping to near the seasonal average for the weekend. Meanwhile, Hurricane Larry should help build a very pressurized ridge that will push in from the west over the weekend, lowering Prices to Scandinavia.

“This will bring drier but cooler weather across much of the UK, but chances of rain will persist in southern and eastern England.”

The Bureau of Meteorology also warned that storm conditions could persist through the remainder of September.

UK lightning forecast: September could also see cooler conditions later in the month

UK lightning forecast: September could also see cooler conditions later in the month (Photo: WXCHARTS)

The agency’s long-term forecast for Wednesday, September 22 through Wednesday, October 6 said: “Confidence is usually low.

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The most likely scenario is for conditions to remain generally more volatile from mid to late September, after which there is likely to be a trend toward more stable conditions, particularly in the south.

“During a period of instability, there is very little risk of very turbulent conditions, possibly stormy.

“Precipitation is expected to be above average, although it may be closer to or drier than average in late September and early October. Temperatures are likely to remain above average at all times.

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