UK daily Covid cases drop 50% in a month for second day in a row

Daily Covid cases in the UK are down again by 50 per cent in one month.

Today, 45,375 new infections were recorded, compared to 88,171 injuries on February 3.

There were another 194 tragic deaths from the virus today.

However, the total number of deaths reported today includes a cumulative number of deaths since yesterday.

There have been 1,904,696 cases of Covid over the course of the pandemic, with 161,898 deaths.

Covid is still spreading across the UK but is much less serious than it used to be.

Omicron is milder, especially in those who have been vaccinated, which leaves most people with cold-like symptoms.

It won’t be mild for everyone, so Brits have been encouraged to stay up to date on vaccinations and avoid spreading the virus if they know they have it.

Last month, Boris Johnson closed the curtain on months of restrictions, saying it was now up to ordinary Britons, not ministers, to decide the way people live their lives.

He told MPs: “We will encourage people with COVID-19 symptoms to take personal responsibility, in the same way we treat influenza.

“We do not need laws to force people to consider others; we can rely on this sense of responsibility towards others.

“So let’s learn to live by protecting ourselves and others without restricting our freedoms.”

BA.2, termed the ‘sister omicron’ sub-variant, became the dominant strain.

Although it’s perfectly smooth, it spreads 30 to 60 percent faster than the original Omicron (BA.1).

Studies also assess the risk of reinfection with BA.2.

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The World Health Organization said there have been cases of omicron double infection, when someone had BA.1 followed by BA.2.

But “preliminary data suggest that infection with BA.1 provides strong protection against reinfection with BA.2, at least for the limited period for which data are available.”

BA.2 contains mutations that allow it to evade current vaccines.

However, punches are still very effective against him, but a spare shot is necessary.

The UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA) has shown that three doses are actually more protective against BA.2 than BA.1.

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