UK controversy: How much pension Liz Truss will receive for her 45-day tenure as Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Liz Truss

conservative Les Truss The party leader claimed on Friday that she should not get the 115,000 pounds ($128,000) annual pension that she deserves as a former British prime minister. Liberal DemocratAnd the Ed Davey.

In a statement to lbc . radioThe politician pointed out that most people have to work for at least 35 years in order to be entitled to collect the state pension United kingdomIt costs 185 Egyptian pounds ($205) per week.

“I think working for 45 days (gear time in power) shouldn’t give you a pension much more than what people get after their lifetime of work,” Davey added.

Truss accepted the post of prime minister on September 6 after an internal process that lasted several weeks, but yesterday she announced her resignation as a result of the chaos surrounding her administration due to her controversial economic program, which caused turmoil in the markets, forcing him to reverse almost all measures.

“Given the situation, I cannot fulfill the mandate for which I was elected by the Conservative Party.Truss announced outside her home in 10 Downing Street.

Liz Truss’ resignation announcement

Gears She admitted that she could not “fulfill the mandate” for which she was elected by the “Conservatives”, having abandoned her controversial package of massive tax cuts and faced a rebellion among her MPs.

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The Conservative Party Britain on Friday launched a frantic campaign to find a successor to the Prime Minister Les TrussAlthough the opposition is calling for elections to end months of political chaos.

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With the resignation of Truss, who became Prime Minister of Britain Spend less time at the head of the executive branchThe Conservative Party is heading to a new internal election. Truss specified that a new voting process will be organized between now and the end of next week to elect his replacement.

Candidates for success Les Truss As Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister United kingdom They must have the support of at least 100 of the 357 “Conservative Party” MPs, announced Thursday Graham Brady, who is in charge of organizing the new formation primaries.

In the event that parliamentary bloc support is split between two candidates, it will be party members who choose the next parliament speaker in an online vote. UK government.

The Conservatives have increased the number of necessary endorsements from the 30 they called for in last summer’s primaries, and are speeding up voting dates to appoint the next prime minister as soon as possible.

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