UK: British police open investigation into Prince Charles Foundation

London police announced, on Wednesday, the opening of an investigation into alleged donations to the foundation by Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, in exchange for honorary titles.

“This decision is the result of an analysis of a letter from September 2021. This relates to press reports about alleged offers of assistance to secure honors and (British) citizenship for a Saudi national,” Scotland Yard said in a statement. He was arrested.

Investigators contacted “persons suspected of possessing relevant information” and Prince Foundationwhich “provided a series of documents”.

This scandal, which appeared last year, affected the heir to the throne.

Inquiry details

It is suspected that his former butler, Michael Fawcett, used his influence to help Saudi businessman Mahfouz Merhi Mubarak bin Mahfouz, a generous benefactor to charities linked to the British monarchy, win a prize.

According to the newspaper Sunday timesMahfouz, 51, former commander of the British Empire Prince Carlos In a private party in Buckingham Palace In November 2016, an event not made public in the official list of royal obligations.

According to the newspaper, obtaining this honor contributed to supporting the Saudis’ application for British citizenship.

Mahfouz, who denies any wrongdoing, has reportedly contributed large sums to restoration projects. Fawcett resigned in November 2021.

On the other hand, the press revealed that the establishment of the association Prince Carlos He accepted hundreds of thousands of euros from a Russian donor, which led to an investigation by the independent body that regulates charities in Scotland. The foundation’s president, Douglas Connell, resigned, but denied any wrongdoing.

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