UK: Boris Johnson’s party secret controversy continues

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Public opinion in the UK has been shaken by the so-called “Partygate”, the scandal that arose when the multiple social gatherings that supposedly took place in Downing Street during times of confinement by Covid-19 were exposed. Some of these parties had violated the same government-imposed rules at the height of the contagion during 2020. Could this scandal force Boris Johnson from office? We analyze it in this version of El Debate.

What is the extent to which Prime Minister Boris Johnson clings to power? Will this scandal force him to leave office? How much support do you have in Parliament? Specifically, Westminster has the final say on this issue and it will be Parliament to decide whether to request Johnson’s resignation.

The skinny and disrespectful politician, who in a certain way represented a change for the British and ended up leading the UK towards withdrawal from the European Union, has been transformed into a politician who breaks the rules and deceives the people. By denying that he was not a member of the party, he was later forced to retract it.

Johnson has bypassed advisers, collaborators, and employees of some of the most sacred institutions such as the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament. Will Boris Johnson fall after this series of scandals? We analyze it with our guests:

– Ivana Barges, International Analyst and MA in Political Communication from Cardiff University.

Cesar Jimenez is a political analyst and academic at Cardiff University in Wales.

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