UK Ambassador informs about new dates for Salvadorans to process visa

The UK ambassador to El Salvador, David Elliott, reported via his Twitter account that the Temporary Visa Application Center is already receiving appointments again for El Salvadorans traveling to this country in the coming months.

In San Salvador, the Temporary Visa Application Center will serve those who have scheduled their next Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7, as the only dates enabled so far, at a hotel in the capital.

To start the visa application process, it is necessary to enter this Linkwhere the requirements are submitted, as well as the fee to be paid online, which in dollars is equivalent to £100 for the application and £55 for visa center services.

Elliott recommends scheduling the appointment early, as it can take several weeks before the TVC can serve Salvadoran applicants again, and the process (which can take up to 6 weeks) does not interfere with any scheduled travel.

The United Kingdom announced on May 11 that it will start requesting an entry visa for Salvadorans who wish to visit that country, due to the increase in the number of asylum applications by citizens arriving on British soil.

“The decision to impose a visa regime was made due to the continuous and significant increase over the past five years in the number of Salvadorans who do not intend to make a short visit, but instead submit asylum applications upon arrival in the UK,” he said. The British Embassy at that time.

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