UFO from the “Calvin Affair” … Jaime Maussin confirms that the UK will also confirm the existence of this phenomenon

Declassified picture from United kingdom confirming the existence of a UFO Celebrated Jaime Maussin, Who spread the truth through his account Twitter.

Tweet from Jaime Mossan I arose from the satisfaction of an article I published “UAP Media UK”, Where they posted a picture of eUnidentified UFO. The photo was taken in August 1990 It will confirm the existence of these things.


Jaime Mossan He wrote the news in his book Twitter He said that the picture confirms the authenticity of a “100% real UFO”. The journalist praised this news and showed it with great pride before the public revelation.

“The original image which the UK MoD is aware of has been disclosed and thus confirmed to be true, and may be the best image yet of a 100% real flying object” general Mosan.

UFO story


On August 4, 1990, two young men were working as a chef in a hotel in BitLockerClose Cairngorms National Park They left their work for a walk on the hills. Soon, they saw a huge being from around 30 meters and a diamond shape floating silently in the sky.

Terrified, they hid in some bush to keep an eye on the thing. Minutes later, they heard the roar of a fighter from RAF orbiting the object before leaving the scene. These two young men took out the camera and took six pictures. At this time the chariot disappeared from the sky.

Convinced that it was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), these guys took their pictures to daily logone of Scotland’s leading newspapers, but they never heard of it again, as this newspaper sent the pictures to the Ministry of Defence.

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Thirty years later, this image finally appeared despite attempts The Ministry and the National Archives to hide it. Of course, neither the original photo nor the names of the witnesses were published, which will not be known until 2076 due to “privacy issues”.

The person responsible for publishing this discovery was David Clark, A well-known British academic and journalist has spent years studying the phenomenon of UFOs in the United Kingdom. Clark was able to speak to the first officer who interrogated the young men after that night.

After conducting the investigation, this officer hid a copy of the photo before sending the rest of the negatives to Ministry of Defense. And on a desk, this photo was 32 years old.


This journalist sent the photo to Andrew RobinsonProfessor of Photography at Sheffield Hallam University for Analysis. This expert confirmed that it was not forged or forged.

hidden for 30 years

search in National Archives, Clark Found a poor quality drawing of a UFO with a fighter next to it as well as a picture of the officer with a report prepared for Ministry of Defense in the Government of Margaret Thatcher Where he gave instructions in case he was asked about the vision.


The wording was vague and elusive, typical “get lost” which these researchers are accustomed to. Under the heading “Defensive lines to be taken” was the official response that the Ministry of Defense should provide in the event that it was requested. Clark. However, no one asked why the case ended up being brought.

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Clark He was surprised, not only because much of the data is still classified, but also the silence of the newspaper to which the photos were delivered. But An investigation by another well-known ophthalmologist on former record editor, the late Endel Laird, That at that time he was a member of the committee tasked with stopping the publication of news that might affect the Ministry of Defense.

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