UEFA vs Atlético: an old feud

Partial closing of Governorate 48 hours before the match against City, with all tickets sold, which Atletico’s legal services are working to reverse or try to mitigate, it’s only One of the many examples of violations suffered by a club by UEFA. Catastrophic refereeing, disproportionate penalties, and federal bans or bans have only fueled the theory that there is some kind of hostility from Europe’s top football body. The number of examples in dozens. Let’s go with the deadliest.

Bakkar scandal

Turk Dogan Babacan He was a professional soccer player before he became a referee. However, it was a real horror for players, who knew his fame as a card holder has been blazing since he became The first braid to show a direct red card in a World Cup. However, his uncompromising sense of discipline was never quite as intense as it was in the first leg of the 73-74 European Cup semi-final between Celtic Glasgow and Atletico Madrid. He expelled three Rojiblanco players and made a scandal of biblical proportions That forced the police to enter the square at the end of the incident. Atlético suffered the attack on their feet and a precious goalless draw that they would later ratify with a 2-0 win in the second leg. CalderonBut UEFA’s response was strong: Three banned matches for each of the expelled and one more for Milo, Ofjiro and Alberto To protest the referee after the match. It could have been worse because the UEFA delegate in Celtic Park He came from Glasgow to request the expulsion of Atletico from European competitions.

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Parma theft

In the European Cup Winners’ Cup 92-93, Atletico actually came from a fierce battle in Athens against Olympiacos with the full approval of the referee, who allowed absolutely everything, Including the police attacks on Sabas and Schuster A rain of bodies fell on the red and white players at the end of the match. Not only did UEFA close the Greek stadium, but Imposing an economic fine on the Rojiblanco.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back came in the second leg of the semi-final against Parma. Atletico had lost in the first leg at Calderon, but went 0-1 in the second leg and put the Italians on the alert. Then the German government intervened Schmidoper Left without two penalties for two clear penalties I learned s Solozabal and expelled Juanitowho threw the ball in his face indignant. Then send after the match Biscayan s Faroe s Jesus generationFurious, he accused him of selling himself to Parma for $300,000. Once again UEFA acted relentlessly: Six matches were stopped for Gil and Juanito, five for Schuster, four for Thomas, three for Tony and two for Fiezcaino.

The goal that did not enter Crete

In 1994, Atlético traveled to the Greek island of Crete with a meager income from a goal scored in the first leg of the Calderon. Czech Jerry Ulrich Pointed a penalty against Walker, who also expelled him in the same play. Target Diego The maximum penalty was suspended, but the referee interpreted that the ball crossed the line and scored a goal in the face of widespread discontent. Atlético showed in pictures that the ball did not enter, and asked for a replay, but UEFA’s response was to penalize Caminero with five matches.

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Calderon Close

In 2008, in the group stage of the Champions League, Atlético received Olympique de Marseille, unfortunately known for the violent nature of their super fans, who staged very serious incidents in the Calderon, forcing the intervention of the riot police. Many French henchmen ended up in prison, But the one who received the punishment is the Rojiblanco club. UEFA closed the country for two matchesalthough a subsequent appeal left him behind closed doors.

Two unmarked windows

In 2016, UEFA imposed sanctions on Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético with two windows to complete without signing for not respecting regulations regarding the recruitment of underage footballers. Atletico protested to the Court of Appeal and appeared before the Court of Appeal, citing cases such as the Chelsea case whose sentence was reduced. The same was done by Real Madrid, who successfully appealed, but with Atlético, UEFA were ruthless and forced to fully comply with the penalty, making it impossible for players like Diego Costa or Vitolo to be used for months.

Torres kicked out

In April 2016, Atlético faced each other in Camp Nou Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final first leg. The team started like a cannon and advanced 0-1 with a goal from Torres Fernandobut then took over the German rule Felix Brechwhich in just 10 minutes, from 25 to 35, Show two yellow cards to a player who has never been known to be violent or protest. The second card, due to a slight push on Sergio Busquets, aroused the absolute indignation of the players, but there was no turning back. Atlético had to stay with less than an hour of the match and ended up losing 2-1, although they will return for the second leg at Calderon.

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To play in Bucharest … and Savic

The emergence of the British strain of coronavirus in January 2021 also cost Atletico dearly. The government imposed restrictions on the entry of flights from Spain to Spain United kingdom With non-resident or domestic travelers, it was impossible for Chelsea to play in Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The solution was to go to Bucharest to a neutral stadium, While the return match was played in Stamford BridgeWhere UEFA returned to the top with Atlético: Savic was sent off and the penalty was completely disproportionate: four matcheswhich left Montenegro almost out of the group stage the following season.

…and this season

Since the disastrous arbitration Daniel Seibert In Atlético – Liverpool to be expelled and punished for three matches to Carrasco In Porto, he was expelled Philip In Liverpool, UEFA was silent in the face of insults Simeone In Manchester or now, Partial closure of the metropolitan. The season exacerbates the crisis between Atletico and UEFA and the relationship, far from calm, does not allow it to deteriorate. The club feels oppressed and the examples, of course, prove him right.

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