UCO’s “Secret Science” work, in the House of Equality

Puente Genil was one of the cities chosen this year to host the “Scientists on the Wall” activity, included in the “Secret Science” program at the University of Cordoba. Thus, the graffiti artist Almudena Castilego painted a fresco with Concepcion Alexandre Palestre in the Casa de la Igualdad, on Modesto Carmona avenue. Alexandre was the first woman with a medical degree to join the Spanish Gynecological Society. Having studied teaching, she directed her career towards medicine, specializing in gynecology and opening several consultations in which she also attended women without resources. As a result of his experience, he was granted a patent for two ovaries to correct uterine prolapse. In addition, she has stood out for her humanitarian activism and advocacy for feminism. The graffiti painter, visual artist, muralist and curator is Almudena Castillejo, whose works are featured in the picture.

“Clandestinas en el Muro” is a subprogramme contemplated within the “Clandestine Science” framework for Goal 1 (Promoting scientific culture and innovation, particularly in the local and regional environment) of the Annual Plan for Scientific Publication of the University of Córdoba, designed through the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of Her, which has been approved by the Board of Directors and co-financed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) in all its previous editions. A work that seeks to promote media activity more directly in locations less expected, but closer to the citizens and to bring science into the daily lives of the citizens of Córdoba.

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