Ubisoft will develop a new version of the game that will forever change its history

According to some images that can be seen at a special event for the company, it is believed that one of the most popular titles of all time will have a new release.

Ubisoft It has always been among the top video game companies. however, In 2007, she released a game that, along with other releases of that year, propelled it to the top with incredible numbers.. Now, 15 years after the release of this title that marked the before and after of both developer and video game history, It is believed that there is a new edition in the works.

Ubisoft will develop a new version of the game that will forever change its history

Doctrine killer It was intended as a sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. However, due to the differences between the game producer and the company, it ended up being a new game It began one of the most famous epic stories of all time. Released in 2007, He was responsible for Ubisoft toppling important companies that had titles with numbers that seemed out of reach. Now, almost 15 years after the departure Doctrine killerAnd the It is believed, due to some of the images seen in the company’s video, that a new version of the historical video game will appear.

the killer

Assassin’s Creed: Is there a remake coming?

in case Ubisoft Suddenly announced on the occasion of “A very special celebration of Assassin’s Creed“Several news was known about the saga. However, One of the things that drives fans crazy is something that hasn’t been announced, but this can be inferred due to some of the images seen in one of the videos broadcast at the event. And that’s whatThe company introduced a reimagined cinematic for the first game in the saga, with a clear visual improvement. as a result Speculation has begun about the creation of a remake of Assassin’s Creedthe video game through which, On November 13, it will be 15 years since its release. Will they celebrate it with a new release?

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the killer

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