Two years after Boca stole 519 thousand euros from the Paredes pass, there is still no news of those who kept the money

Leandro Paredes, fifth of the national team

In January 2019 Leandro Paredes a step From the height of Russia to the great Paris Saint-Germain of France. The Paris club had paid a figure of close to 40 million. Paredes, who wears the No. 5 shirt in the Argentine national team and No. 8 in the team where Mbappe, Neymar and Angel Di Maria play, is out of the lower Boca Juniors teams. This is whyEntity La Ribera would have received 129,9377.48 euros that the French club had to pay.

The payment is provided for in Article 21 and Annex 5 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. Known as the Solidarity Contribution to Players Training Rights.

In 2019, it was agreed to pay the millionaire’s sum in three installments. The first amount of €519,750.99 was agreed on March 6, 2019. The second amount of 259875.50 was to be paid in August 2019 and the third, an amount similar to the first, was agreed in August 2020.

The fact is that the first batch It was not collected by Boca despite being paid by Paris Saint-Germain. Money – as revealed InfobaeTravel to an account created by someone who defrauded the Argentine club. In the exchange of emails so that PSG received the data to make the transfer A person who created an email address similar to that of an employee of the Buenos Aires Club was confused. Through this maneuver, he sent false information to the Argentine tasked with finalizing the details of the euro transfer from France to Argentina.

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Boca leaders realized that when they demanded payment of the first payment from their PSG counterparts from France, they made it clear that they had sent the money to where it was indicated. They discovered in Boca that the data needed to make the transfer was sent to the person responsible for the procedure from an account that pretended to be a club employee but was actually his email domain It was,, or, rather than

Boquenses executives realized this They were victims of a computer hoax known as Business Email Compromise (BEC). The trap is to use mailboxes that differ in letter from the company’s and thus impersonate a manager/employee of the company or club. From a false account but very similar to real accounts, a conversation is made or interference with the conversations of others who do not notice that the account is fabricated. Usually, the scam is aimed at remitting money transfer. The truth of what happened in the case of Boca and Paris Saint-Germain.

The French explained what happened and accompanied the emails in which they proved that the money had been paid. But it did not reach Boca. After verifying that the data had been sent to make the transfer from an account similar to that of a Boca employee, Boca leaders filed a complaint with the federal judge Ariel lego And the attorney general Federico Delgado.

Information received from France confirmed that the deposit was It was sent to a bank account in Mexico in the name of a company called OM IT Solutions SA de CV. Before he arrived in Mexico, the money had passed through an account – he worked as a reporter – for Citibank in New York that also belonged to Mexican Vector Casa de Bolsa.

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Based on this information, Lijo sent letters requesting judicial cooperation from three countries and thus identifying those who held the euro. In addition, testimonial data was taken from Boca employees who participated in the email exchange. One of the hypotheses investigators are dealing with is that someone from the club with good inside information “contaminated” the emails to send money to the account abroad.. The findings of the computer expert’s report are still pending analysis of the computer content of the Boca employees involved in the incident.

Leandro Paredes arrives at Paris Saint-Germain in 2019
Leandro Paredes arrives at Paris Saint-Germain in 2019

Judge Lego asked His Holiness to the interrogation in France Lucas Vigneron, Gregory Durand s Nicholas Miner Who, on behalf of Paris Saint-Germain, intervened in negotiations with Boca to pay the agreed amount. This warning from France was answered and the French confirmed what they had already explained by mail: They followed La Boca’s instructions. In addition, a case was opened in France to investigate what happened.

The judge also requested cooperation from the Mexican authorities to find out who owns OM IT Solutions SA de CV since the money was deposited into an account he owns. It also requested all information regarding transfers and other movements that took place from January 2019 to the start of the investigation in May 2019. As we explained Infobae Judicial sources are still – two years later – No response was received to Lijo’s request to Mexico.

Lijo also sent an appeal to the United States to try to determine who was behind the account through which the money was passed in New York. Faced with the original request for information from the United States, they responded with a request for details on the situation with emails from Boca and PSG. The LEGO court asked Boca as the plaintiff to provide the requested information. To this first response from the United States they again asked for more details.

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In other words, France sent everything it requested, the United States asked for more details and Mexico did not respond to requests from the Comodoro Py Building to try to determine who got the money for Boca. In the meantime, time passes and those who took more than half a million euros from the Paredes pass are feeling calm. At least for now.

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