Two videos were selected in a British festival

At a festival in the UK, they selected two video choreographies produced under an elective subject to a deepening degree in audiovisual design and production at Villa Maria National University. The audiovisual producers are the graduate students listed above.

The category in which they were selected is “Best Experimental Film”.

These are two short shorts: Yaga by Romina Sosa and Mido by Anna Cecilia.

Romina Sosa produced Yagá, one of the selected products

“They are two video dances that revolve around the international circuit. The two shorts will compete with each other at the UK Festival,” determined Leandro Naval, subject teacher, in an interview with El Diario.

To take the exam, the students had to perform a video, which Naval decided to present on the international circuit, to reflect on the promotion of employment opportunities for future graduates.

Fear” is a dance movie that explores the fear of evil, a product of a collective imagination as old as humanity itself, and enshrined in nearly all cults that have ever existed. Its characters represent the leaders responsible for warning us of the punishments that await those who break a certain faith, loyal believers, fathers who will pass their fears on to their children, and the children themselves, who were born and raised in fear of these supernatural forces.

Meanwhile, Yagá is a starting story, about the healing of a wild woman. Holy connection with truth. Immerse yourself in the world of rituals, in a transformative immersion.” It is inspired by an old Russian tale.

It was Naval and Gabriela Redondo who created this article. The works are the result of a workshop of empirical practices. The Moving Images LAB “is a bridge between the local experimental film students/creators and the Videodance/International Videoart circuit”.

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Good news – in Spain

? Leandro Navall received a warrant for the selection for the festival in Spain, where he works.

Director Leandro Navall Films continues to teach online classes at UNVM.

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