Two sides of virtual reality

For more than 1,200 newcomers to the medical profession, University is another. Is that the default method raises a new learning scenario that is built in daily transit. Last year, the emergence of the Coronavirus forced the teaching generation from virtual reality.

It was enabled this year because the freshmen had not literally set foot on the building. They will learn, at least in the first semester, From their homes. This scenario poses a number of advantages and disadvantages. Inclusion is one of his points. The virtual course allows students to go to study from anywhere. There are even students from other countries.

This allowed many students to recover
“For economic reasons, it cannot be preserved in Ciboliti or in the region,” said Deputy Brigadier General Susanna Sanchez. On the other hand, he added, there are many technical difficulties that create obstacles in the learning process.
Mainly reflected in first-year students. Some were able to continue their studies last year “thanks to virtualization”.

This year, Sanchez said, there was a select group of students who would be “peer teachers”. They will have tasks assigned to accompany the participants.

“Building a student role is very complex on a personal level, it is even bigger in virtual reality because it is so new.”

Cecilia Torinho, Minister of Welfare and Student Affairs.

Today she will start a three-day session to create a space of integration for newcomers. “It is essential for students to have a first approach with the university environment and to be able to remove all doubts,” said Minister of Social Welfare, Cecilia Torinho.

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Half of the curriculum allows you to apply for the course remotely, although there is a major drawback to the exams. Sanchez indicated that there will be face-to-face cases to be evaluated. The main problem, which persists to a lesser extent, is access to professional training. The past year was a bottleneck that left many students behind.

Students will enter medicine this year, one of the highest numbers in the history of the academic unit.

The start of 2021 allowed more access to health centers In Cipolletti, Roca and Neuquén, demand still exceeds supply. In this sense, Torinho admitted that the discomfort the students feel is “understandable.”

In turn, he explained the difficulty of building the role of university students: “It is very complicated to exist, it is bigger in virtual reality, because it was a whole new world,” he said.

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