Two Refreshing Movies and a Hidden Gem on Netflix for the Weekend

Adam Sandler’s new movie, released on Netflix, also has the best actors in the NBA, headed by Juancho Hernández (it’s the first starring movie), and his brother Willie, Moritz Wagner, Anthony Edwards, Boban Marjanovi, Chris Middleton.. It was produced by Lakers star Le Brun James and Adam Sandler himself, that’s it “Love Letter to Basketball” The freshest on screen.

Plus, this weekend we bring you a stunning Indian production that combines action, adventure, and historical content, spreading like foam on Netflix views. If you want to discover a beloved movie that no one has noticed, try extraordinary friend: Tom Hanks Never fail.


When Adam Sandler invited Spanish NBA basketball player Juancho Hernández to star in a movie, he didn’t hesitate to accept the fresh offer.

The film, starring Adam Sandler, joined as well as Hernández, by Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall, is a coming-of-age tale about an unlucky scout who discovers a brilliant player who can’t publish what he can do. At the top of his game due to a difficult past that haunts him.

Movie Exciting, shot with rhythm, It tells the story of the fight against adversity and shows situations that are very recognizable even to non-basketball fans.

After discovering an eccentric player with a troubled past abroad, unlucky basketball scout (Adam Sandler) decides to bring him to America without the team’s approval. Despite all the difficulties, they have the opportunity to show that they can succeed in the NBA.


The new sensation on Netflix is ​​a production that comes from India and tells a An epic story with fast-paced action, Where drama, humor and passion.

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It’s an ambitious three-hour story that takes us back to the beginning of the 20th century, when India was dominated by British colonialism. Two Indian warriors fight on opposing sides, one supporting the people fighting for their independence, and the other cooperating with the Indian police who are under the command of the British.

extraordinary friend

Released in 2019 and starring Tom Hanks (nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor) and Matthew Rhys, it is a biographical film directed by American Marielle Heller. Can you forgive me one day?

Lloyd Vogel is a journalist who receives an assignment from his magazine editor who dislikes him: he has to meet Fred Rogers, a legendary presenter of a children’s show, whom Vogel doesn’t like at all. But when they met, Rogers’ kindness and compassion made Vogel rethink his life.

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