Two players ended up with hypothermia

The Honduran Football Association announced that goalkeeper Luis Lopez and Rommel Quito She should have been replaced in the second half by Edric Mengevar and Anthony Lozanobecause they could not return to the field in the second half because they suffered from hypothermia.

The newspaper Diez de Honduras reported that the Honduran medical team underwent treatment in the locker room at Venue Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, as it was decided that they were unable to go out to play in the second half.

The match started with a cold wind of -22 ° C, at the end of the first half it was -24 and at the end of the 90 minutes it reached -29.

It’s a party that won’t dictate many things to me. It’s not normal, it’s inconceivable that someone strong in every sense of the word would come here to play a match and get a score. The game hasn’t started, but I can’t wait for the time to run out. “Because we don’t have to enjoy it, we have to suffer it,” said Honduran coach, Hernan Gomez.

The paradoxical thing about playing this game is that the safety guide published by the United States Football Association specifies that when there is a temperature of -24, it makes the game enter Black alert level. In this case, it is recommended to cancel and reschedule indoors due to the risk of frostbite and other illnesses that may result in “Killer” mode.

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According to this safety guide, soccer players exposed to such harsh weather are at risk of “freezing” and add that “this can cause numbness, tingling or itching in the affected area. The skin can also lose its normal color. Pale or bluish.”

Below Zero: The United States defeated Honduras

The United States crushed Honduras 3-0 tonight and is close to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, to take second place in the qualifiers for the Confederation of Central and North America (CONCACAF).

In the game, which was held at Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, the local team achieved great success by scoring two goals from Weston McKinney and Walker Zimmerman in the first half. The account was closed by Christian Pulisic, the Chelsea striker, in the second half.

For its part, Costa Rica beat Jamaica 1-0 in the first round, at the National Stadium in Kingston, the Jamaican capital.

The visitor’s success is due to the very good definition of their character, striker Joel Campbell, after about 17 minutes into the second half, after Andre Blake, a penalty kick from Celso Borges two minutes before, was taken by local goalkeeper Andre Blake.

What is hypothermia

the hypothermia Occurs when the body loses heat faster than who – which produces it. The most common cause of hypothermia Is exposure to cold weather conditions or cold water

Symptoms of hypothermia

  • Chills.
  • Stuttering or stuttering.
  • Slow and shallow breathing.
  • weak pulse;
  • clumsiness or lack of coordination
  • drowsiness or very low energy
  • confusion or memory loss;
  • Unconsciousness.
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